Definition of Hit:

  1. Each time a web server sends a file to a browser, it records a hit in its log file. The number of recorded hits in a period is used as a rough measure of the websites traffic. However, since each graphic element (banner, button, hot-link, etc.) in a webpage corresponds to a server file, the server will record multiple hits for every download. For example, if a webpage has two graphic-elements, one download by the user will be recorded as three hits: one for each element and one for the page itself. See also pageview.

Synonyms of Hit

Grand Guignol, Passion play, Tom show, Accomplish, Accord, Achieve, Adverse criticism, Affect, Agree, Ambush, Animadversion, Answer to, Antimasque, Antitoxin, Approach, Arrest the thoughts, Arrive, Arrive at, Arrive in, Aspersion, Assail, ■■■■■■■, Assent, Assort with, Attack, Attain, Attain to, Audience success, Bad notices, Bad press, Bag, Ballad, Ballet, ■■■■, ■■■■ into, Bash, Bat, Be consistent, Be of one, Be received, Be uniform with, Beating, Beg, Belt, Best seller, Biff, Big hit, Blast, Blitz, Blot out, ■■■■, ■■■■ in, Bob up, ■■■■, Bonk, Booster, Booster dose, Booster shot, Brilliant success, Broadcast drama, Brush, Brush by, Buffet, ■■■, Bump, Bump into, Bump off, Burlesque show, Bushwhack, Cadge, Cannon, Captiousness, Caress, Carom, Carom into, Carping, Catch, Catch the thoughts, Cavil, Caviling, Censoriousness, Chance, Charade, Charge, Check, Check in, Chime, Chop, Clap, Clash, Cliff hanger, Clip, Clip off, Clobber, Clock in, Closet drama, Clout, Clump, ■■■■, Cohere, Coincide, Coldcock, Collide, Come, Come at, Come down on, Come home to, Come in, Come in contact, Come into collision, Come to, Come to hand, Comedy drama, Concur, Concuss, Conform, Conform with, Confront each other, Conk, Consist with, Contact, Cooperate, Correspond, Crack, Crack down on, Crack up, Crash, Crash into, Critical success, Criticism, Criticize, Croak, Crump, Crunch, Cuff, Cut, Cut and thrust, Dash, Dash into, Daytime serial, Deal, Deal a ■■■■, Deck, Descend on, Descend upon, Descry, Detect, Determine, Detonate, Dialogue, Dig, Ding, Dint, Discharge, Discover, Do, Do in, Documentary drama, Dose, Dovetail, Draft, Drama, Dramalogue, Dramatic play, Dramatic series, Drop, Dropping, Drub, Drubbing, Drug packet, Drumming, Duodrama, Duologue, Eject, Encounter, Epic theater, Erase, Espy, Exception, Experimental theater, Extravaganza, Fad, Failure, Fall foul of, Fall in together, Fall on, Fall upon, Faultfinding, Feint, Fell, Fetch, Fetch a ■■■■, Fetch up at, Find, Find out, Fire, Fire off, 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Meaning of Hit & Hit Definition

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Request a file from a web server.


The term 'hit' is arguably the most misused term in online marketing, misused to refer to unique visitors, visits, page views, or all of the above.

A hit is simply a request for a file from a web server. A request for a web page counts as a hit, as does a request for an image on a web page. Since the number of images per page can vary widely, the results are not very useful for comparison purposes.

Only use the term "hit" if you really want to.

A unique visit to a website or web page, expressed as a measure of its popularity (ie the amount of web traffic). For example, a website with 48,000 hits in 24 hours can be considered an average of 2,000 hits per hour during that time.

Previously hit was used to indicate a pageview, but this is no longer correct. A hit actually means downloading a file from the server. This means that every image, every stylesheet, every video on a web page (and the web page itself) is considered a hit (and much more).

Simplified example:

You enter the URL of a website into your browser. The website uses a tracking cookie, has an external stylesheet and contains an image. This results in one pageview, but four results: one for the web page, one for the tracking cookie, one for the stylesheet, and one for the image.

However, it's more complicated and that's why hits used to mean page views, since web pages were much simpler and didn't contain anything else.

When a user visits a website, his computer sends a download request to the website's server. Each of these requests for files (images, sounds, etc.) from the browser is called a hit.

A hit is not a visit to a website. This is the number of files downloaded from your site. Some examples can be photos, buttons, images, etc. The average number of visits to a website is around fifteen.

Visit a specific website. In the early days of the Internet, hit counting was used to measure the number of visits to a page. Today, more advanced analytics methods are used to measure the success of a website.

A hit is a single visit to a site.

When someone visits your site, it's called a hit. Sometimes they are also called visitors.

A web browser request for an item from the web server.

Contrary to popular belief, a hit does not represent an individual website visitor. A hit is basically a single file request from your web server. This means that one page can generate multiple hits, as each page typically contains multiple files, such as an HTML or other base file, a CSS file, multiple images, and so on. Each request for each file corresponds to one visit, so the website with 50 images will record 50 visits. Years ago, visits were considered the most important traffic metric for growing websites, making it seem like they were getting more traffic than they actually were.

Every time your website requests a file from the web server, it is considered successful. This includes HTML files, images, videos, images, buttons, etc. of its pages. The site page has an average of 15 visits.

Contrary to popular belief, a hit does not represent an individual website visitor. A hit is basically a single file request from your web server. This means that one page can actually generate multiple hits since each page usually contains more than one file (html or other base file, css file, multiple images, etc.) and the server requests the page once at a time to load. † Some marketers like to report visits from uninformed consumers because this number gives the impression that their site is attracting a lot more visitors than it actually is.