Definition of Hit:

  1. Each time a web server sends a file to a browser, it records a hit in its log file. The number of recorded hits in a period is used as a rough measure of the websites traffic. However, since each graphic element (banner, button, hot-link, etc.) in a webpage corresponds to a server file, the server will record multiple hits for every download. For example, if a webpage has two graphic-elements, one download by the user will be recorded as three hits: one for each element and one for the page itself. See also pageview.

Synonyms of Hit

Grand Guignol, Passion play, Tom show, Accomplish, Accord, Achieve, Adverse criticism, Affect, Agree, Ambush, Animadversion, Answer to, Antimasque, Antitoxin, Approach, Arrest the thoughts, Arrive, Arrive at, Arrive in, Aspersion, Assail, Assault, Assent, Assort with, Attack, Attain, Attain to, Audience success, Bad notices, Bad press, Bag, Ballad, Ballet, Bang, Bang into, Bash, Bat, Be consistent, Be of one, Be received, Be uniform with, Beating, Beg, Belt, Best seller, Biff, Big hit, Blast, Blitz, Blot out, Blow, Blow in, Bob up, Bomb, Bonk, Booster, Booster dose, Booster shot, Brilliant success, Broadcast drama, Brush, Brush by, Buffet, Bum, Bump, Bump into, Bump off, Burlesque show, Bushwhack, Cadge, Cannon, Captiousness, Caress, Carom, Carom into, Carping, Catch, Catch the thoughts, Cavil, Caviling, Censoriousness, Chance, Charade, Charge, Check, Check in, Chime, Chop, Clap, Clash, Cliff hanger, Clip, Clip off, Clobber, Clock in, Closet drama, Clout, Clump, Cock, Cohere, Coincide, Coldcock, Collide, Come, Come at, Come down on, Come home to, Come in, Come in contact, Come into collision, Come to, Come to hand, Comedy drama, Concur, Concuss, Conform, Conform with, Confront each other, Conk, Consist with, Contact, Cooperate, Correspond, Crack, Crack down on, Crack up, Crash, Crash into, Critical success, Criticism, Criticize, Croak, Crump, Crunch, Cuff, Cut, Cut and thrust, Dash, Dash into, Daytime serial, Deal, Deal a blow, Deck, Descend on, Descend upon, Descry, Detect, Determine, Detonate, Dialogue, Dig, Ding, Dint, Discharge, Discover, Do, Do in, Documentary drama, Dose, Dovetail, Draft, Drama, Dramalogue, Dramatic play, Dramatic series, Drop, Dropping, Drub, Drubbing, Drug packet, Drumming, Duodrama, Duologue, Eject, Encounter, Epic theater, Erase, Espy, Exception, Experimental theater, Extravaganza, Fad, Failure, Fall foul of, Fall in together, Fall on, Fall upon, Faultfinding, Feint, Fell, Fetch, Fetch a blow, Fetch up at, Find, Find out, Fire, Fire off, Fit together, Fix, Flail at, Flail away at, Flak, Flop, Foul, Fusillade, Gain, Gang up on, Gas, Gasser, Get, Get in, Get there, Get to, Give the business, Giveaway, Glance, Go, Go at, Go for, Go together, Go with, Goal, Grab, Grand slam, Graze, Great success, Gun, Gun down, Gun for, Hairsplitting, Hang together, Happening, Harmonize, Harry, Have at, Hit a clip, Hit against, Hit at, Hit like lightning, Hit show, Hit the mark, Hit town, Hit tune, Hit up, Hold together, Hole, Hole in one, Home run, Home thrust, Homer, Hostile criticism, Hunt down, Hurt, Hurtle, Hypercriticalness, Hypercriticism, Hypodermic, Hypodermic injection, Ice, Impinge, Impress, Impress forcibly, Improvisational drama, Imputation, Injection, Inoculation, Interlock, Intersect, Invent, Jab, Jet injection, Jibe, Jump, Killing, Kiss, Knock, Knock against, Knock cold, Knock down, Knock out, Land on, Lash out at, Lay at, Lay hands on, Lay into, Lay out, Legitimate drama, Let drive at, Let fly, Let fly at, Let have it, Let off, Lick, Light, Light into, Light music, Load, Locate, Lock, Luck, Lunge at, Mainlining, Make, Make an impression, Make it, Masque, Match, Meet, Meet with, Melodrama, Meteoric success, Minstrel show, Miracle, Miracle play, Momentary success, Monodrama, Monologue, Mooch, Morality, Morality play, Mug, Music drama, Musical revue, Mystery, Mystery play, Nagging, Nail, Narcotic injection, Narcotic shot, Niggle, Niggling, Nit, Nit-picking, Nudge, Obloquy, Off, Opera, Osculate, Overcriticalness, Overdose, Overlap, Pageant, Pan, Panel show, Panhandle, Pantomime, Parallel, Pass the hat, Paste, Pastoral, Pastoral drama, Pelt, Pepper, Percuss, Pestering, Pettifogging, Pick off, Piece, Pistol, Pitch into, Play, Playlet, Plug, Plunk, Poke, Poke at, Polish off, Pop, Pop music, Pop up, Popping, Popular music, Popular song, Portion, Pot, Potion, Potshoot, Potshot, Pound, Priggishness, Prime, Problem play, Psychodrama, Pull in, Punch, Punch in, Quibble, Quibbling, Quiz show, Radio drama, Rap, Reach, Rediscover, Reflection, Register, Register with, Reproachfulness, Resounding triumph, Respond to, Review, Revue, Riddle, Ring in, Riot, Roaring success, Rock, Roll in, Rub, Rub out, Run down, Run into, Run to earth, Sail into, Score, Scrape, Scrounge, Sensation, Sensational play, Serial, Set on, Set upon, Settle, Shave, Shoot, Shoot at, Shoot down, Shooting up, Shot, Show, Show up, Sideswipe, Sign in, Sing in chorus, Sink in, Sitcom, Situation comedy, Sketch, Skim, Skin-popping, Skirt, Skit, Slam, Slam into, Slog, Slosh, Slug, Smack, Smack into, Smash, Smash hit, Smash into, Smash up, Smite, Snap, Snipe, Snipe at, Soak, Soap, Soap opera, Sociodrama, Sock, Song hit, Sort with, Spectacle, Spot, Square, Square with, Squeak by, Stage play, Stage show, Stand together, Straight drama, Stricture, Strike, Strike against, Strike at, Strike hard, Strike home, Strike out at, Stroke, Stumble, Success, Successful, Surprise, Suspense drama, Swat, Swing, Swing at, Swing on, Swipe, Tableau, Tableau vivant, Take a potshot, Take care of, Take the offensive, Taking exception, Talk show, Tally, Tattoo, Teleplay, Television drama, Television play, Tell, Ten, Theater of cruelty, Thrust at, Thump, Thwack, Time in, Torpedo, Total theater, Touch, Touchdown, Trace, Trace down, Track down, Traumatize, Trichoschistism, Triumph, Tumble, Turn up, Vaccination, Vaccine, Variety show, Vaudeville, Vaudeville show, Vehicle, Wade into, Wallop, Waste, Whack, Wham, Whomp, Whop, Wipe, Wipe out, Word-of-mouth success, Work, Wow, Yerk, Zap

Meaning of Hit & Hit Definition