Hit The Bid

Hit The Bid,

What Does Hit The Bid Mean?

  • Accepting the right to an offer is a slogan that describes an event in which a dealer agrees to sell at an offer price set by another dealer. The offer price (or Boldesk) is controlled by the broker or market maker who receives a commission based on the offer margin.

    • Bidding occurs when one dealer agrees to sell at the price demanded by the other dealer.
    • The bid price is determined primarily by what the seller says is the highest price among a group of competitive bidders.
    • The minimum price at which a seller is willing to sell shares is known as the offer price.
    • Offering involves buying bonds and there is another side to the offer.
    • To win a bid on a regular basis, it is important to consider the bid-to-bid ratio, actual labor costs, personal interaction, and reliable software.

Literal Meanings of Hit The Bid


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