Historic Structure

Historic Structure,

What Does Historic Structure Mean?

  1. Historical structures are subcategories of historical features defined by the National Register of Historic Places. In common parlance, historical structures refer to buildings or other structures such as bridges, mines, canals, ships, roads, or locomotives that are important because they belong to important periods of the past, but are not officially mentioned. Are prominent among. Protection

Literal Meanings of Historic Structure


Meanings of Historic:
  1. Famous or important in history.

  2. (Tension) Used to count past events, especially incomplete and perfect Latin and Greek.

Sentences of Historic
  1. We are in a historic place

Synonyms of Historic

headline, groundbreaking, of significance, important, outstanding, of importance, significant, red-letter, consequential, earth-shaking, renowned, momentous, unforgettable, celebrated, famous, notable, landmark, of consequence, earth-shattering, memorable, epoch-making, famed, remarkable


Meanings of Structure:
  1. Create a plan to give you a template or organization.

  2. Arrangements and relationships between parts or elements of a complex object.

Sentences of Structure
  1. The game is organized so that there are five ways to win

  2. Flint is as hard as a diamond, which has a similar structure.

Synonyms of Structure

shape, formation, constitution, organize, give structure to, build, make-up, anatomy, arrange, construction, order, fabric, design, construct, put together, form, assemble, composition