His Brother And Him Grammar

His Brother And Him Grammar

Is her and her brother's English good? 3

It depends on where you use it, if so, look! This is him and his brother! That's right- this is not a bad thing at all.

I think this is the easiest non-literary way to explain it, it helped me.

It depends on what he and his brother do in prayer. feel good. You can also use him and his siblings if they are the creators of the ongoing action.

Your brother is right.

you use

I invited her and her brother to lunch.

I will ask him and his brother to take me with them.

She and her brother came for lunch.

He and his brother would take me for a bath.

It depends on the position in the sentence. For example: I gave him the book and his brother. He and his brother went to school.

But maybe if you've already mentioned two brothers: ... books for each one. Both will ...

Not if this is a problem. He and his brother were visiting.

Yes, if it is an object. I saw him and his brother.

Yes, if it is indirect. I looked at him and his brother.

Yes, or I can say (name of person and brother)

His Brother And Him Grammar