What is The Definition of Hiring?

  1. The process of finding, evaluating and establishing relationships with potential employees, interns, contractors or consultants

Meanings of Hiring

  1. Accept temporary use (of something) for agreed payment.

  2. Employ (someone) for a salary.

  3. The act of hiring someone or something.

  4. A person who is recruited by an employee.

Sentences of Hiring

  1. We flew to San Diego, rented a car and headed to Las Vegas

  2. According to the complaint, the management hired workers and fired them.

  3. Recommended for car rental

  4. The new employees completed a six-month training course

Synonyms of Hiring

occupy , charter, sign up , truck with , give job to , employ, recruit, place , utilize , lease, commission, authorize , engage , let , leasing, secure the services of, obtain , put on , charter , sign on , enrol, sign on, book , take into employment, bring on board , exploit , put on the payroll, sublease , hiring

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