Hired Premises

Hired Premises,

What is The Meaning of Hired Premises?

  1. Meaning of Hired Premises: When you rent rooms for meetings, social events and the like, you can be responsible for both the owners and the customers. Your liability with the landlord may be in agreement with you. Therefore, take a closer look at the text and make sure that your liability policy has been extended to address any property damage concerns that may be under your control. ۔ If you are also responsible for protecting the rental facility, this can create significant responsibility for the person using the facility.

Literal Meanings of Hired Premises


Meanings of Hired:
  1. Hired for a short time to perform certain jobs.


Meanings of Premises:
  1. Houses or buildings that contain land and premises that are owned by the company or built in a government context.

Sentences of Premises
  1. Office building

Synonyms of Premises

site, buildings, property, establishment, office, building, place