Highly Compensated

Highly Compensated,

How To Define Highly Compensated?

  • An employee receives a higher salary if: (1) owns 5% of the company or (2) receives more than 95 95,000 in the previous year's salary.

Literal Meanings of Highly Compensated


Meanings of Highly:
  1. At some level or at a higher level.

Sentences of Highly
  1. A very dangerous substance

Synonyms of Highly

very, most, really, thoroughly, extremely, exceedingly, particularly, tremendously, hugely, greatly, decidedly, distinctly, exceptionally, immensely, eminently, supremely, inordinately, singularly, extraordinarily, vastly, overly


Meanings of Compensated:
  1. Give something to someone, usually in recognition of money, loss, injury or loss.

  2. Deviating or contracting (undesirable or offensive thing) using opposing force or influence.

Sentences of Compensated
  1. Farmers are paid to cover the reduction in subsidies.

  2. The coach hopes to win the team's bad league campaign

Synonyms of Compensated

recompense, repay, pay back, reimburse, remunerate, recoup, requite, indemnify, make amends, make up, make restitution, make reparation, make recompense, atone, pay