Highest Level Of Math

Highest Level Of Math

What is the highest level of mathematics in the world? 3

I have so far:

1. Applied Mathematics

2. Introduction to algae

3. طحالب 1

4. Geometry

5. LG2

6. Pre calculus

7. Accounts / Statistics / Trigon

8. Subtraction Equation





To what does inequality correspond? Which is the highest level of mathematics ever. Like the world's 1,000th math course, if any.

When you finish math, it breaks down into many different subjects and it's hard to know which level is the highest. This is an overview of what math students can do after calc / dif eq:

Application of ysis:

Advanced Math I

Advanced Calculus II

Yes i passed

Doctoral Studies II

Sort of subtraction equations:

Differential equations

Partial subtraction equation

High general inequality equation

Upper partial subtraction equation

Algae layout:

Linear algae

Summary Algae I.

LG Review II

Alji from whom I graduated.

LG II graduate

Topological order:

My topology

Topology II

Alge topology (usually requires graduate Alge I)

Communication order:


Graphical schematic theory

matroid theory

Within each of these courses, after completing a specific sequence, there are often several areas of specialization that need to be included in previous courses. Basically no higher level, just to study many different fields.

To add to what others have said, I think at least the last few centuries have generally been before mathematics, technology and science. Calculus was well developed despite great difficulties, and many things that were once considered purely theoretical are now widely used. A good example of this is that real numbers are purely imaginary things, hence their name. You meditated in the sixteenth century, even in mathematics for a century. But they are in many ways related to real applied science (differential equations and electromagnetism are two of them) and I think we still call them odd numbers. Original? . You will find that most theoretical mathematics will eventually contribute to the development of science and technology (well, we may not see it personally, but it will).

Business reform is difficult.

Another difficult issue is nonlinear programming.

Stochastic Process Test (Rewards / Renewal Theory).

There is no higher level of mathematics. Many difficult areas.

Extended Calculus 1, 2 and 3

Linear algae

Number Theory

Group Theory

Complex right?

ysis vector

isis vector

I thought about sticking to math ... hahaha

Highest Level Of Math

Highest Level Of Math

Exquisite calculation duh

Highest Level Of Math