High Maintenance Meaning

High Maintenance Meaning

What does high maintenance mean?

People can interpret high care in different ways, but in my experience, high care usually means that they need a lot of attention or spend a lot of money on it from other people, in expensive restaurants. Expect to carry. They expect the best and that person can't give it to you, you get it from someone else. Paris Hilton, for example, needs a lot of care. He will need a rich man to maintain his full lifestyle. For example, that makes sense. Other gurdwaras have better examples, I'm not too careful, so answering this question may not be the best.

A senior interviewer is someone who needs good care, someone who is expected to go their own way and always gets what they want. Well-groomed women like to comb their hair, their nails, designer clothes, their hair often, and they just need the extra care that the average girl loves. For a man High maintenance only means they expect more from you and need more.

High maintenance is what always wants to go to expensive restaurants, wear only a few clothes and go to the salon all the time, hair, nails, etc. They care a lot about their appearance, almost obsessively. Avoid at all costs! Boys and girls are not born that way!

A person has expensive tastes (clothes, restaurants, etc.).

This person is never comfortable because he is in a constant mood.

This person feels better than most people and usually decides by the appearance of others.

A lot of attention needs to be paid.

When describing someone, too much care usually means that the person is emotionally distressed or needs to dramatize a situation in order to get attention.

And / or it requires a lot of attention from others in the relationship, romantic or not.

High Maintenance Meaning