High level language (HLL)

High level language (HLL),

Definition of High level language (HLL):

  1. Usually machine-independent, sophisticated programming language that uses familiar English (or any human language) like syntax. In a HLL, each statement can represent several assembly language instructions that perform complex computing operations. It allows programmers to concentrate on application development without bothering with the underlying machine architecture.

How to use High level language (HLL) in a sentence?

  1. The computer used high level language to communicate with everyone and it made all of us really impressed with the computers capabilities.
  2. The potential employees do not all possess fluency in using high level language in their programming process, which makes them much less qualified to write programming that includes more complex operations, and therefore much less qualified to do the job they are applying for.
  3. The language chosen by the software engineer was a high level language so it was easier to read for most people.

Meaning of High level language (HLL) & High level language (HLL) Definition