Hi Disk App Forgot Password

Hi Disk App Forgot Password

How to retrieve forgotten words in my ipne disk application? 3

I forgot my My Disks app password for iPne and I don't know how to reset it. The options I get include going to the app settings, but I can't because of a forgotten port.

Click on the "Forgot Password" link in the app and you will be prompted to reset or retrieve your password.

I don't remember the words Ipne.

My hard drive request

PPL gives the best answer ... this is the solution. Open the app, click admin, click 123 to open the keyboard (if you have dot as basic input), click abc for letters and type reset password. Contains e. You will be asked to redefine the word.

If the password is an email account, you can retrieve it as long as you provide a different email address or remember the answer to the secret question. In the email account, click the Forgot Password link. He will guide you.

My password is in alphabetical order and when I press abc it only shows number options! I entered the app and now I can not? Can I enter my password? Can I get a DOT or number and that's it?

Hi, can I restore photos saved in My dÃÂsk app? I accidentally deleted this app. What to do?

Hi Disk App Forgot Password