What is the difference between hotspan and sapin? ۔

Is there such a thing as a hotspot?

Hetsapien does not exist.

The scientific name Man Sapiens comes from the Latin word man. (Sapiens means wise). So this phrase means smart people or something.

Vs. het, such as ual and hetual or wide and different, are completely different words. Comes from Greek. The meaning is the same. It is not etymologically related to the Latin word expression. (Different meanings)

Since D's spelling is the same, these words have very different orises. So there is no such thing as hate sapiens, because hate is Greek and sapiens are Latin.

Het sapiens


Hepatitis vs. Sapphire will show that Sapphire was Sapphire and that Sapphire was gay.

Which is not true In fact, there are only a few sepia.