Do you think people can go back to Hetlual? ۔

People change lives. This is a possibility. Anything can happen. Sometimes we go down a path and get lost (I'm not saying people get lost) and then somewhere along the way they find the path they should be on. Some people have been straight for a long time (for example Sheryl soups) and then they think they will be happier. Other people can live longer and find the right person, or the right time, or the right sense of authenticity. I don't think any gene seems stupid.

Cola received a very good response. Man does not become more of a creature than a human being. Everything is in human chemical make-up, and even nature is imperfect. Gene, Roman, chemist, there are many factors that affect the creation of life that sometimes they blend together or you could say that they blend into the characters. No one cares about your strengths, it's a natural instinct to be attracted to you. Not so when people wonder why a beautiful woman finds a man attractive and marries him, or vice versa. (Like Lyle Lloyd and Julia Roberts) Humans are very complex creations of all shapes, sizes, likes and dislikes. You cannot change when you are inside, just outside.

If it's someone, it doesn't usually happen because he wakes up one morning and decides it's him, usually much earlier. So somehow, no, it's impossible. Now, if that person is normal and not completely normal, you may decide that you no longer care about them. Therefore, it will only be generalized as curious and not bid.

Not only do I believe in it, I know it. This is CICE. You were not born for that. I know, I know, most people believe the stigma that they were born that way. Trust me, it's not true. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. They can be / or be straight.

Since quality is a good value, yes it can be changed. You were not born to love and are the same. The goal is to reduce. So, can you be born wanting someone you can't have children with?

Probably not, it's a decision they can make with their lives and it can't be changed ... by ...