Hesalite Crystal

Hesalite Crystal

What are Hesalite Crystals and Sapphire Crystals? what is the difference? 3

What you mean: Hesalite Watch Glass is a trade name for modern synthetic (plastic) crystals. It's better than old acrylic crystals, but it's not as hard as sapphires. The advantages are light, not too shiny, so less glare, waterproof and, if scratched, can smooth out scratches. Because it is easy to use, you will also find a domed surface that reduces glare on hesalite crystals compared to sapphire crystals, although many sapphire glasses are domed. This is not so common.

Although sapphires can burst or stick, it is very difficult to do so. However, other sapphires only provide an effect that may or may not be polished depending on the depth of the object.

Hesalite is mainly used in old omega sports watches. That's a good thing. Old acrylic paints are also good. The modern style sapphire crystal is used and highly publicized, but it is resistant to scratches, etc., mostly real, but hasselite or acrylic is still a very suitable material for watch crystals. . If you are looking for an old watch, in most cases, older models with acrylic glass are much cheaper than slightly newer models with sapphire crystals. Also, many common sapphire crystals are available today and if you really care about scrap, they can be modified to replace the sapphire crystals that actually contained plastic crystals.

In practice, I have no problem using old watches with high quality acrylic crystals. I used a few different watches, some with old acrylic crystals and a modern sapphire watch, and I didn't notice much difference in their performance. Yes, there will be some minor scratches on the plastic, but just take a polywatch tube or similar polish and remove them with a light polish. Good quality modern sapphire glass with domed surfaces and internal anti-reflective coating can be very clear, but without coated flat sapphire crystals are shiny.

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Hesalite Crystal