Hersey-Blanchard Model

Hersey-Blanchard Model,

Hersey-Blanchard Model:

  • The Hershey Blanchard model shows that leadership style is second to none. Instead of focusing on workplace factors, this model suggests that leaders adapt to their leadership style and skills.

    • The Hershey Blanchard model shows that leadership style is second to none.
    • The model shows that managers adapt their leadership style to the tasks and relationships in the workplace.
    • The leadership pattern is directly related to the different categories of followers or employees maturity.

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Meanings of Model:
  1. A one-dimensional representation of a proposed person, object, or structure, usually smaller than the original.

  2. (In sculpture) Replace a personality or object made of clay or wax in another durable material.

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Sentences of Model
  1. Model airplane

  2. A three-dimensional model of Abbey Park will be on display at a local bank in the coming weeks.

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  4. You are encouraged to play design games that use large scale maps and scale models to represent such cities.

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  7. Each room has a large model and a model of central amenities (such as a concert hall).

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  9. A series of large-scale models housed in the city's museums exemplifies the growth and development of the monster, which is surrounded by attractive ice cream parlors and luxury shops.

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supermodel, impeccable, take up a position, miniature, take as a model, prototypal, consummate, take as an example, variety, model oneself on, mirror, design, exemplary, model, type, perfect example, artist's model, reproduce, subject, sit, mark, faultless, mannequin