Herrick Payoff Index

Herrick Payoff Index,

What Does Herrick Payoff Index Mean?

  1. Definition of Herrick Payoff Index: The Herrick Pew Index is aware of price, volume and open interest to indicate possible trends and reversals in futures and options markets. Marketers often use indicators as a measure of crowd psychology.

    • The Herrick Pew Index is aware of price, volume and open interest to indicate possible trends and reversals in futures and options markets.
    • The Herculean Index produces a bullish and bearish reversal signal.
    • Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Herrick Profit Index is the ability to generate output signals if this trend continues.
    • The probable nature of the reversal signals of the Herculean Index makes them more susceptible to false positives than outdated technical indicators.

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