Heroic Moustache Styles

Did you know that between 1860 to1916 the British army was not allowed to shave their upper lip and it would be considered as a breach of discipline? There is no other opinion that moustaches have made an epic comeback. Now a day’s facial hair is yet again popular with stylish men from all over the world. A moustache makes a guy looks more mature. It suddenly changed a look into a sexy and cool look. So, if u looking to upgrade your look growing a moustache could be the best idea. You all need to do is find a heroic style to match you perfectly.

Hair wax and a small hair comb for men is all you need to look neat always. Below are nine heroic moustache designs to motivate your new manly “mo.” It is like a tool of self-expression with a wide range of styles to choose from those suits your face.

Chevron moustache.

Chevron moustaches are known by the actor Tom Selleck. Closest to naturally grown style. It perfectly balances the big facial features, but this style needs a decent thickness of hair and growth. It follows the shape of the upper lip. If you hadn’t worn a moustache, this one would work best. It is a natural style that needs grooming and it is timeless. It will take two to three months to get the required thickness. It is better to grow chevron along with a beard and after that, shave the beard to get a perfect style.

Walrus moustache.

It is recognizable as big, thick, and bold it is a natural style combed straight down not curled like a handlebar. It covers the upper lip completely and may also cover the lower lip slightly that’s why it’s not the practical 'taches, but it is an impressive feat. Not every man can grow walrus moustaches because of its terminal length. It takes 6 months up to 1 year. You must have a pocket comb for keeping hair out of the mouth when eating and drinking.

Pencil moustache.

Pencil moustaches are not practical in 2020. It is the style of the 1930s to 40s legends of the silver screen. The biggest trouble with the pencil moustaches is that it tends to look best dressed up. It is like hell with jeans. Keep its length short enough not to cover the upper lip and trim the bottom of the moustache to follow your mouth shape. Use the razor to shape the upper line of your moustache. It needs a large amount of grooming to maintain its pencil shape.

Handlebar moustache.

They require moustache wax to maintain its shape. There are few things as impressive as handlebar moustaches. They are thick with handles. The handles are curled over into fine points with the help of wax. It takes a longer period to attain its significant length. It also needs the best care frequently to make it neat. It should be shaved from the centre and under the handles at the outer corner of your mouth.

Horseshoe moustache.

Horseshoe is shaped like an upside-down U. The most mislabeled moustaches than any other-it’s not an FU-MANCHU. It is a bushy, full moustache that connects to two vertical strips of cheek hair grown parallel to the lips and extended to the jawline. Grow a circle beard and just shave the chin- that’s a horseshoe. You cannot lift a horseshoe away from your face.

Toothbrush moustache.

Bushy, but had very narrow, facial hairs directly under the nose. The style was famous by the legendary Charlie Chaplin. Men liked it for its tidiness and its low maintenance. Charlie Chaplin adopted this style for his silent comedy. It was once famous and associated with Adolph Hitler, but historians said that Hitler wore a large moustache and he trimmed it because he faced difficulties while wearing a gas mask during World War 1 after World War 2 Hitler moustache earned the name toothbrush moustache due to the after-war situation.

Fu Manchu mustache.

Fu Manchu is the branch of the Dali moustache, with two main differences one is a wide gap is shaved at the philtrum, and the handles are styled to hang straight down instead of being pointed up a word like Dali. Horseshoe’s stache is often mislabeled as a Fu Manchu, but it has two main differences. Apply a little wax on the ends to look natural and let them hang down. Daily grooming is needed to maintain the philtrum gap.

Dali moustache.

A combination of two moustaches that is Pencil and Handlebar, they thin like Pencil and long handles styled upward like a Handlebar. This needs daily grooming to get rid of any stray hairs, while also keeping the Pencil tidy. Apply a heavy-hold wax to style as you want. The simplest way to grow a Dali moustache is to grow out a full Handlebar 'stache and turn it into a pencil moustache.

Scruffy moustache.

Just because your facial hairs little on the sparse side doesn’t mean you can’t participate. It is easy to grow and needs zero grooming. Scruffy moustache is the most popular among many because of it’s easy to maintain properties, and it suits almost everyone. The best part is that it doesn’t take you so long to wait for the final look.

Are moustaches unprofessional?

Facial hairs, including moustaches are normally acceptable in the workplace as long as it is a concern of hygiene. Some points should be remembered that it looks nice, tidy, and well-groomed. It is in fashion for decades, and a man looks mature and decent. Well-trimmed 'staches enhance your manly looks and grace. Trimming them frequently makes them look tidy and gives them a heavier look.

Final Thoughts

Beard oil is also a good option to apply to grow faster as well. Diet and water intake also play a major role in the growth of facial hairs, and oil massage also helps it. If you find that it doesn’t suit you, there is always an option of shaving.