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Henry Hub,

Henry Hub Definition:

  1. Henry Hub means: Henry Hub is a pipeline in Erat, Louisiana that serves as the official delivery point for futures contracts on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). The center is owned by Sabin Pipeline LLC and has access to several major US gas markets. The center is connected to four interstate pipelines and nine interstate pipelines, including the Transcontinental, Acadian and Sabine pipelines.

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Meanings of Henry:
  1. The SI unit for inductance is equal to the electromotive force of one volt in a closed circuit at a constant rate of current change of one ampere per second.

  2. Named after the eight kings of England.

  3. (1394-1460), Portuguese prince, called Henrique Navigator. As the third son of John I of Portugal, he undertook numerous research trips, especially along the coast of South Africa, thus laying the groundwork for the expansion of the Portuguese Empire around Africa from the islands to Asia.

  4. It was named after seven German kings, six of whom were Roman emperors.


Meanings of Hub:
  1. The center of the wheel that turns or along the axle and from which the translator grows.

  2. The actual center of an activity, area, or network.

Sentences of Hub
  1. Remove the wheel removers and dry them with a cloth, as dirt will accumulate in the corners and corners of the hubs and spokes.

  2. The city has always been the financial center of the country

Synonyms of Hub

fulcrum, centre of activity, kernel, focal point, centre, centre point, nucleus, heart, axis, nerve centre, middle, core, pivot, focus