Hello In French

Hello In French

How do you spell HI in French?

Greeting SMS in French
  1. hello: hello (hey)
  2. lied, lu: less common slang for greeting (hello)
  3. cc: cuckoo (here)
  4. bjr: normal slang for hello (hello)
  5. bsr: good evening (good evening)
  6. Business: kisses (kiss)
  7. okay: can it be used as an acceptable question?

    (how are you?

    ) or in response I said (I'm fine, how are you)

  8. b1: good (good)
Also, do you know what three words are used to say hello in French?Hello! There are many ways to say hello in French - French greetings can be more than just hello.

Hello in French - plus 10 more helpful French greetings
  • Hello good afternoon
  • Good evening
  • Hello!
  • What?

  • What is happening?
  • Bye Bye!
  • Hello?
  • We're sorry?
  • Likewise, what is the CDLT?

    Definition. CDLT. ChelanDouglas Land Trust (est.

    What does TKT mean in French subtitles?

    TKT means don't worry (French) So now you know that TKT doesn't mean don't worry (French) Don't thank us.

    YW! What does TKT stand for?

    TKT is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang word discussed above in which the definition TKT is given.

    What is GG in French?

    Good game

    What does PS mean in French?


    What does A + mean in French?

    A + (see you later) You will probably look at it thinking it means a higher sound, but in English you won't see or say the abbreviation until after.

    What does BB mean in French?

    France, challenge, wardrobe.

    What does WTF mean in French?

    I know this is very rude, but I really need a translation (or equivalent) of wtf (what the heck) into French.

    What does JTM mean in French?

    Je t'aime

    What does NN mean in French?

    nn: no (no) tlm: all: all.

    How do you answer hello?

    You can reply and say hello, or you can say hello, which also means hello, but in an informal way.

    Can you also reply with allzvous comments?

    which means how are you or how formal you are, or can you use it well which also means the same thing, but in an informal way.

    How do you say goodbye in an elegant way?

    There are many other ways, but here are six of the most common formal ways to say hello: Hello! Hello. good afternoon. Good night. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. (The latter two only work if you meet someone for the first time.


    How do you say goodnight in French?

    The usual way to say good evening in French is goodnight, but there are several ways to express this feeling. Say goodnight with goodnight! Well means well. Night means night. Pronounce the term NWEE bean.

    What is a typical French greeting?

    The most common ways to greet someone in French are: Salute. (Hei Hei. [Informal]) Hi. (Good morning good afternoon good evening.

    (Good evening)

    How do French people kiss?

    To be honest, lean forward and touch each other's cheeks with your cheeks as you slide your lips around and make a light kiss on your lips. (Never touch your lips against your cheek.) And yes, you MUST make this kiss resonate on your lips, but make sure you do it right.

    The French say Bon appetit?

    French polite phrase Ob man eat together and also when there is no food in sight, in big cities and small towns, in the park and on the plane, when talking about food with someone, it's polite to say good appetite or, informally, bon app.

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