Definition of Held:

  1. Arrange and take part in (a meeting or conversation).

  2. Keep or detain (someone).

  3. Power or control.

  4. Have in ones possession.

  5. Prevent from going ahead or occurring.

  6. Keep or reserve for someone.

  7. Contain or be capable of containing (a specified amount).

  8. Grasp, carry, or support with ones arms or hands.

  9. Kept in custody, possession, or storage, usually to satisfy a condition or requirement.

  10. A fortress.

  11. An act or manner of grasping something; a grip.

  12. Remain secure, intact, or in position without breaking or giving way.

Synonyms of Held

Convene, Call, Assemble, Summon, Clasp, Hold on to, Clutch, Grasp, Grip, Clench, Cling to, Have in ones hand, Grip, Grasp, Clasp, Clutch, Possess, Have, Own, Bear, Carry, Be the owner of, Have in ones possession, Be in possession of, Have to ones name, Influence, Power, Control, Dominance, Pull, Sway, Mastery, Authority, Leverage, Detain, Hold in custody, Imprison, Lock up, Shut up, Put behind bars, Put in prison, Put in jail, Incarcerate, Keep under lock and key, Confine, Impound, Immure, Intern, Constrain, Keep under constraint, Put to one side, Put aside, Set aside, Lay aside, Keep back, Aground, Anchored, Arrested, Based on, Besotted, Bolstered, Borne, Braced, Buttressed, By one, Caught, Chained, Charmed, Conserved, Enchanted, Enthralled, Extra, Fascinated, Fast, Fastened, Fixated, Fixed, Founded on, Free and clear, Fresh, Gripped, Grounded, Grounded on, Guyed, Held back, Held in reserve, Held out, High and dry, Hung-up, Hypnotized, Impacted, In abeyance, In fee, In fee simple, In hand, In seisin, In stock, In store, Inextricable, Infatuated, Jammed, Kept, Maintained, Mesmerized, Mint, Monomaniac, Monomaniacal, Moored, New, Obsessed, On hand, Original, Own, Owned, Packed, Possessed, Preoccupied, Prepossessed, Preserved, Pristine, Propped, Put aside, Put by, Rapt, Reserve, Reserved, Retained, Saved, Shored up, Spare, Spellbound, Stayed, Stored, Stranded, Stuck, Stuck fast, Supported, Suspended, Sustained, Tethered, Tied, To spare, Transfixed, Unapplied, Unbeaten, Unconsumed, Unemployed, Unexercised, Unexpended, Unhandled, Unspent, Untapped, Untouched, Untrodden, Unused, Unutilized, Upheld, Waived, Wedged, Withheld, Have a capacity of, Take, Have room for, Have space for, Contain, Comprise

How to use Held in a sentence?

  1. He caught hold of her arm.
  2. You may have something of yours held by a company and may need to show ID to get it back to you.
  3. A meeting was held at the church.
  4. The managing director still holds fifty shares in the company.
  5. The tank held twenty-four gallons.
  6. I was being held hostage in the castle and waited for my princess to come save me, but I realized that I was dying.
  7. A booking can be held for twenty-four hours.
  8. Hold your fire!.
  9. If you have lost something at a business you must hope that they held it for you and will return it when you go back.
  10. She was holding a brown leather suitcase.
  11. The police were holding him on a murder charge.
  12. Tom had some kind of hold over his father.
  13. The boats anchor would not hold.

Meaning of Held & Held Definition