Definition of Held:

  1. Organized and attended (meeting or conversation).

  2. Save (someone) or keep.

  3. Power or control

  4. You have the power.

  5. Stop it from happening or happening.

  6. Saving or ordering someone.

  7. Contains or may contain (a certain amount).

  8. Hold, carry or help with your arm or hand.

  9. Preserved, owned or stored for general purposes or needs.

  10. Strong

  11. The process or way of understanding something.

  12. Be safe, complete or in place, without breaking or loosening.

Synonyms of Held

Set aside, In abeyance, Keep under constraint, Constrain, Grip, Jammed, Fascinated, Convene, Upheld, Immure, Imprison, Waived, Lock up, Pull, Tethered, Clasp, Mint, Clutch, Braced, Hold on to, Contain, Withheld, Intern, Put aside, Founded on, Put by, Bear, Hypnotized, Grasp, Cling to, Untapped, Have to ones name, Keep back, Own, Owned, High and dry, Sustained, Put in jail, Stuck fast, Keep under lock and key, Caught, Wedged, Put to one side, Grasp, Authority, Stored, Call, Arrested, Reserved, Enthralled, In seisin, Stuck, Own, Retained, Suspended, Have in ones hand, Detain, Put behind bars, Monomaniac, Borne, Inextricable, Saved, In stock, Influence, Take, Rapt, Be in possession of, Unemployed, Have space for, Fresh, Moored, Power, Clasp, Sway, Free and clear, Unused, Buttressed, Control, Have room for, Stranded, Untrodden, Unspent, Held back, By one, Unapplied, Untouched, Transfixed, Fastened, Lay aside, Based on, Shored up, Obsessed, Put in prison, Grounded, Preserved, Fast, Unhandled, Leverage, Spare, Clutch, Hung-up, Extra, Original, Maintained, In hand, Preoccupied, Assemble, Fixated, Possess, Chained, Spellbound, On hand, Shut up, Mesmerized, Conserved, Anchored, Grip, Unexercised, To spare, Aground, Unbeaten, Unconsumed, Summon, Infatuated, Monomaniacal, Impound, Bolstered, Grounded on, Have a capacity of, Packed, Possessed, Hold in custody, Reserve, In fee, Mastery, Incarcerate, Held out, Supported, Guyed, Prepossessed, Unutilized, Besotted, In fee simple, Held in reserve, Charmed, Carry, Pristine, Enchanted, Unexpended, Fixed, Kept, Put aside, Comprise, Stayed, Gripped, Propped, Have, Be the owner of, Impacted, Clench, Tied, In store, Dominance, Confine, Have in ones possession, New

How to use Held in a sentence?

  1. He grabbed her arm.
  2. You may own a company and you may need to provide multiple IDs in order to return it.
  3. There was a meeting in the church.
  4. The CEO still owns fifty shares of the company.
  5. The tank is 24 gallons.
  6. I was taken hostage in this palace, hoping that my daughter would come to my rescue, but I realized I was dying.
  7. Concerns can last up to 24 hours.
  8. Continue!
  9. If you lose something in a company, keep it for yourself and return it when you return.
  10. He had a brown leather suitcase.
  11. Police arrested him on murder charges.
  12. Tom has some control over his father.
  13. The ship's anchor was not restricted.

Meaning of Held & Held Definition

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