Held Order

Held Order,

Held Order Meanings:

  • You can define Held Order as, A standing order is a market order that requires immediate execution. In most cases, the merchant has to offer the best bid or accept the best offer. The opposite type of order, unpublished order, gives traders time and price to try to make a better deal.

Literal Meanings of Held Order


Meanings of Held:
  1. Grab it, take it or hold it in your hand.

  2. Save (someone) or keep

  3. Be safe, complete or in place, without breaking or loosening.

  4. Contains or may contain (a certain amount)

  5. You have the power.

  6. Saving or ordering someone.

  7. Stop it from happening or happening.

  8. Organized and attended (meeting or conversation)

  9. The process or way of understanding something.

  10. Power or control

Sentences of Held
  1. He had a brown leather suitcase

  2. Police arrested him on murder charges

  3. Failed to hold anchor

  4. There are 24 gallons in the tank

  5. The CEO still owns fifty shares of the company

  6. Concerns can last up to 24 hours

Synonyms of Held

clasp, hold on to, clutch, grasp, grip, clench, cling to, have in one's hand, detain, hold in custody, imprison, lock up, shut up, put behind bars, put in prison, put in jail, incarcerate, keep under lock and key, confine, impound


Meanings of Order:
  1. Arranging or arranging the relation of people or things to each other according to a particular order, pattern or method.

  2. Government requests, instructions or instructions.

  3. Some social, political or economic system.

  4. A group of monks, nuns, nuns, etc. That they live according to certain religious and social norms and principles and in which at least some of their members made strong prayers. The society of the knights is subject to the same principles of life and under which you have a common monastic and military character. It is an institution established by the king to honor or nominate a nominee. Badges worn by members of the Order of Honor or Merit. Architect fraternal organizations or something like that.

  5. The quality, nature or importance of something.

  6. Primary technological categories below the class and above the family.

  7. One of the five classic architectural styles based on the proportions of columns, number of decorations, etc. (Dork, Ionian, Corinthian, Tuscan and blend).

  8. Equipment or uniforms for a particular use or type.

  9. The degree of complexity of an equation, expression, etc., represented by a common number.

  10. Provide formal guidance or direction for a task.

  11. Ask for (something) to make, supply or offer.

  12. Arrange (something) tactfully or appropriately.

Sentences of Order
  1. I sorted the letters alphabetically

  2. I will not control a simple admin

  3. If only the peasants had risen up against the ruler

  4. Franciscan order

  5. With such musical abilities, Van Carjan will become a phenomenon at any age

  6. Find out the differences between the orders of Corinth, Ionic and Dork.

Synonyms of Order

sequence, arrangement, organization, disposition, structure, system, series, succession, command, instruction, directive, direction, decree, edict, injunction, mandate, dictate, commandment, class system, hierarchy, pecking order, grouping, grading