Heinz Purple Ketchup

Heinz Purple Ketchup

Why did Heinz EZ Squirt fail?

It was also considered unattractive because in order to give the ketchup a different color, the genetic makeup of the original ketchup had to be changed.

Is that why Heinz still makes colorful ketchup?

In October 2000, residents of H.J. The Heinz Company Ketchup where there has never been: green. The artificially colored composition was delivered in a new EZ Squirt bottle with a narrow mouthpiece, ideal for drawing emoticons on cheeseburgers.

Do you also know why Heinz Ketchup says 57 types?

Henry J. Heinz introduced the marketing slogan 57 varieties of cucumber in 1896. He later claimed that he was inspired by an advertisement he saw while traveling on an elevated train in New York (a style 21 shoe store) . The reason for 57 is unclear.

What is Heinz EZ Squirt in this sense?

Heinz EZ syringes. In 2000, Heinz introduced colorful ketchup products called EZ Squirt, aimed at young children. The product was available in a squeeze box and was eventually discontinued in 2006. Green and purple ketchups were also available for a limited time.

Has ketchup ever been green?

Food giant Heinz is launching a green version of one of its most popular tomato ketchup products. The new sauce is made from green tomatoes very popular in the USA and enriched with vitamin C.

Can you still buy colored ketchup?

P I T T S B U R G H, July 31, 2001 Heinz adds Funky Purple to the grass-colored chalk box. Hoping to build on the success of last year’s Blastin Green ketchup, the company announced today that the new purple ketchup will hit stores in September. At seven months, H.J. Heinz Co.

What is the true color of ketchup?

In the United States, with the exception of hereditary varieties, ripe tomatoes are almost always red. Since the other ingredients in ketchup are clear, light in color or in very small quantities, the dominant color comes from the ingredient that is the main ingredient of the recipe: red, ripe tomatoes.

Does ketchup contain food coloring?

Not only red tomato ketchup, but also chili, tamarind and many other sauces use Red 40 food coloring as a food coloring.

Do you still sell green ketchup?

The Heinz company has been producing its famous tomato ketchup since 1876 and currently sells over 650 million bottles of the product annually. Spinach Blastin Green Ketchup was one of the flavors offered in the EZ Squirt series and became an instant hit, especially with children.

What Happened to Purple-Green Ketchup?

We were right with red, but we couldn’t have been more wrong with green. EZ Squirts’ vibrant shades of Blastin Green, Funky Purple, Stellar Blue, Passion Pink, Awesome Orange and Totally Teal were achieved by removing the red color from traditional Heinz ketchup and adding food coloring.

Does green ketchup taste the same?

There was absolutely no difference in taste. Green ketchup was simply a tomato-based ketchup, with lots of blue and yellow dyes added after smoothing out the natural red color of the tomatoes. People became convinced that green ketchup wouldn’t taste right away.

How is purple ketchup made?

If you mix the blue of the food into the ketchup, it should turn purple. Just combine well. We must be careful not to overdo it. As an option, you can get a powdered blue dye.

What is the best ketchup?

Best Ketchup For Your Backyard Grill Muir Glen Organic Tomato Ketchup. Sosu Srirachachup. Masonry rural kitchen ketchup. True ketchup. Heinz organic tomato ketchup. 3 BUY NOW. Momofuku Ssam sauce. 14 BUY NOW. 100% natural hunting tomato ketchup. 31 for 12-pack BUY NOW. French tomato ketchup. 2 BUY NOW.

What is green ketchup made of?

The sauce contains tomato paste, isoglucose, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, salt, natural flavors, spices and onion powder, with 2% or less of FD&C Yellow # 5 and FD&C Blue #

How to make ketchup from Kras?

Add the homemade ketchup tomatoes, tomato paste, sugar, molasses and vinegar. Bring to a slow boil, simmer and mash whole tomatoes with a spoon. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer for 45-55 minutes, stirring occasionally, until thickened.

Who makes Heinz ketchup?

Kraft Heinz

How is green ketchup made?

Add a few drops of green food coloring to turn the ketchup green. A few drops at a time until everything turns green. If you mix everything it will turn green, don’t worry about the red indicator at this point.

When did ketchup arrive in a squeeze bottle?

In 1876 the first bottle of Heinz ketchup was created and debuted. But it wasn’t until the 1890s that the iconic glass bottle packaging design we see today took shape.

When was ketchup invented?


Heinz Purple Ketchup

In the year 2000 , Heinz launched the EZ Squirt purple ketchup line , which was marketed for young children . The product came in a squeezable bottle; however , it was finally phased out in 2006 . For a brief period , green and purple ketchups were also available . Blasting’ Green , Funky Purple , Stellar Blue , and a mysterious hue that when squirted out was either Passion Pink , Awesome Orange , or Totally Teal .

Revolution in the world of ketchup ( by Heinz ) :

That’s precisely what Heinz did in 2000 , when it began rolling out crazy - colored ketchup in purple , pink , orange , teal , and blue variations , turning the ketchup world on its head . The initial color entry for Heinz EZ Squirt was ‘Blasting’ Green ,’ which was produced as a promotional ketchup in support of the first Shrek film , and parents and kids flocked in droves . Each new and single hue resulted in an increase in sales . In reality , Heinz sold more than 25 million bottles of colored ketchup , capturing an all - time high of 60% of the ketchup market in the United States .

Heinz Purple Ketchup Ingredients :

  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup ( Tomato Extract Made from Red Soft , Lush , Juicy Tomatoes , Processed Vinegar , High Fructose Corn Syrup , Salt , Spice , Onion Powder , Natural Flavoring),

  • Ascorbic acid is an antioxidant ( Vitamin C ) ,

  • Color ,

  • FD&C Red No . 3 ,

  • FD&C Blue No . 1 ,

The Reason for Heinz Purple Ketchup’s Failure :

Following were the reasons behind purple ketchup failure and these are:

1. Target Market / Audience :

This kid - friendly ketchup is undeniably entertaining and exciting . Even the packaging form is meant to fit the hands of small children . The movie tie - in , though , was the major selling point for this one . Kids want to be like Shrek , the movie’s huge , muscular , and loving green ogre . Parents liked the film just as much as their children did , and they were more than ready to buy a novelty - colored ketchup ( rather than a sweet promotional candy ) to relive the experience . It was a pretty minor expenditure to keep the children delighted in the grocery store halls and at the dinner table , costing $1 .79 for a 24 - ounce bottle .

However , this is not a smart method for building a long - term brand . Kids’ interest durations are short , and the next big movie , toy , or superhero on the cereal box may easily divert their focus . And Mom is not tend to continue purchasing a product that her children are no longer requesting if she isn’t intending to use it herself . After all , red ketchup is perfectly OK , children adore it , and it has been a staple in her fridge for years . Plus , you’ll never have to wonder whether you mistakenly used Windex instead of ketchup on your fries .

2. Timing is Important :

When it comes to new goods and line extensions , timing is everything . EZ Squirt was first developed by Heinz in a green color . It was a safe hue to begin with because of the green tomatoes . You’d assume that when incremental sales volumes increased , the brand would react quickly and release the following color . Instead of capitalizing on this enthusiasm , they waited two years to launch the next item in the lineup . We’ll never understand if it was due to production flaws or just short - sightedness , but it appears that someone messed up .

3. Product :

Green and red were the first EZ Squirt ketchup colors to be released . So , you’d guess they’re made up of red and green tomatoes , right? We were correct about red , but we were completely incorrect about green . The actual ketchup product has to be re - engineered in order to make ketchup in outlandish hues .

By removing the red color from traditional Heinz ketchup and adding food coloring , EZ Squirt’s Blasting’ Green , Funky Purple , Stellar Blue , Passion Pink , Awesome Orange , and Totally Teal were created . It couldn’t be labelled ‘tomato ketchup’ like the original red since the flavor had to be altered to taste like conventional ketchup .

We assume Heinz managed to make compensated for it by supplementing it with Vitamin C in order to gain Moms’ approval . However , most mothers are health - conscious whenever it comes to feeding their children , and EZ Squirt arrived at a time when parents were growing increasingly concerned about artificial food colorings and their impact on children’s behavior and allergies , so it’s no surprise that EZ Squirt had a limited shelf life .


  • Kids’ attention spans are limited, and the next great movie, toy, or cereal box superhero may easily divert their attention. And Mom isn’t likely to keep buying a product that her children aren’t asking for if she isn’t going to use it herself. Red ketchup, after all, is totally acceptable.

  • Timing is crucial when it comes to new products and line extensions. They delayed two years to debut the next item in the lineup, instead of capitalizing on the excitement and increase in sales.

  • When it comes to feeding their children, most mothers are health-conscious, and EZ Squirt arrived at a time when parents were becoming greatly worried about synthetic food colorings and their effect on kids behavior and food intolerances, so it’s no surprise that EZ Squirt had a short shelf life.

Heinz Purple Ketchup has the following nutritional value :

Nutritional Information

Serving Size : 1 Plate ( 20 g ) Daily Value Percentage

Per Serving :

  • 4 g sugar ( 8% sugar )

  • 0 percent 0 g protein

  • Calories ( percentage of total calories ) : 20 kcal

  • 0 percent 0 g trans fat

  • Cholesterol 0 mg

  • 0 percent 0 mg potassium

  • Vitamin A ( 200 IU ) is 4% of the body’s total vitamin A .

  • 0 mg iron 0 percent

  • Sodium ( 8% sodium ) 190 mg

  • 0 percent 0 mg calcium

  • 0 percent 0 kcal fat calories

  • 2 percent carbohydrate 5 g

  • 0 percent 0 g total fat

  • 0 percent 0 g saturated fat

  • Vitamin C 20 percent 12 mg Fiber 1 percent 0 .30 g

The steps involved in manufacturing Heinz Purple Ketchup are as follows:

To make the colorful ketchups , the red hue of conventional ketchup had to be removed and food coloring was added . As a result , other components had to be changed in order to keep the ketchup’s desired flavor profile , and it could no longer be termed “tomato ketchup .” Buyers who were concerned were also informed that the new ketchup had the “same excellent Heinz flavor .”

Frequently asked Question ( FAQs ) :

There are some questions which are frequently asked that are discussed below :

Q1 . Why was purple ketchup phased out?

The allure of Heinz’s fickle youthful admirers creating tribal tattoos on their hot dogs worn off after six years of creative food modifications . As sales of the EZ Squirt hues declined , the firm decided to withdraw them .

Q2 . When did purple ketchup go out of style?

The product came in a squeezable bottle; however , it was finally phased out in 2006 . For a brief period , green and purple ketchups were also available .

Q3 . What was the shelf life of purple ketchup?

The firm sold about 25 million bottles of the sauce between 2000 and 2003 . However , like so many other bright fads , this one faded , and the product was eventually phased out in 2006 .

Q4 . Who came up with the idea for purple ketchup?

On July 31 , 2001 , Heinz — Heinz is adding “Funky Purple” to its condiment crayon box . The firm is aiming to expand on the popularity of “Blasting’ Green” ketchup from last year .

Q5 . Is Heinz purple ketchup still available?

Regrettably , the Heinz Purple Ketchup was met with a massive reaction from the public . Despite selling millions of bottles in its initial years , the product failed to live up to expectations in subsequent years . Because sales have remained stagnant , the firm chose to withdraw it from the market in 2006 .

Q6 . Is purple ketchup the same as regular ketchup?

Officials from Heinz said the purple stuff will taste exactly like the old - fashioned red stuff .

Conclusion :

Heinz created EZ Squirt colored ketchup products , which were offered in squeezable bottles and marketed at young kids , from 2000 to 2006 . Green and red ketchups were the first to be introduced , followed by purple , pink , orange , teal , and blue . E - ZEE Squirt was the name given to the Canadian version , most likely to reflect the difference in how the letter Z is pronounced in the United States vs other English - speaking nations .