Height And Area Limitation

Height And Area Limitation,

What is The Meaning of Height And Area Limitation?

  1. Past restrictions due to regulations or legal insurance that will not incur additional costs for reconstruction, even if required by law or regulations to exceed the height of the existing building or more , It has been removed in the new version of insurance coverage. .

Literal Meanings of Height And Area Limitation


Meanings of Height:
  1. Measure from bottom to top or (standing person) from head to toe.

  2. The most severe part or duration of something.

Sentences of Height
  1. Pillar height 65 feet

  2. In the tourist season

Synonyms of Height

consummation, acme, peak, culminating point, high point, highest point, zenith, high water mark, apotheosis, culmination, crowning moment, pinnacle, climax, apogee


Meanings of And:
  1. It is used to connect words from a single part of a language, prayers or sentence that must be included.

  2. It is used to offer additional comments or penalties.

  3. It is used to indicate intention after some verb and before other verb instead of "to".

Sentences of And
  1. If it was an option and it was the worst, he would have left his parents

Synonyms of And

in addition to, not to mention, along with, together with, as well as, including, and, too, added to, coupled with, besides, with, also


Meanings of Area:
  1. The title or sequence of activities or interests.

  2. Downstairs a house that provides access to the basement of the building.

Synonyms of Area

size, expanse, district, line, extent, region, domain, department, zone, compass, sector, province, quarter, territory, compartment, scope


Meanings of Limitation:
  1. Limiting rules or conditions are limitations.

  2. The legal period after which the action can be canceled or the property ceases to exist.

Sentences of Limitation
  1. Restrictions on water consumption

  2. This is an exception, as the central limitation period continues until the court issues a decision.

Synonyms of Limitation

control, constraint, curb, restriction, check, restraint, clampdown