Hedged Tender

Hedged Tender,

How Do You Define Hedged Tender?

A closed auction is an investment strategy in which an investor sells some of his shares in the hope that not all of them will be tendered. This strategy covers the risk of loss in the event of a take-off bidding failure. The offer binds the shareholders' profits, regardless of the outcome of the take-off bid.

Literal Meanings of Hedged Tender


Meanings of Hedged:
  1. There was a fence all around.

  2. Restrict (qualify) for a condition or exception.

  3. Protect yourself from losses (betting or investing) by offsetting or clearing the transaction.

  4. A fence or border made of herbs or shrubs with strong growth.

  5. Ways to avoid financial loss or other adverse situations.

  6. Words or phrases used to avoid inclusion that are very specific, e.g. B. etc., often or occasionally.

Sentences of Hedged
  1. A tree garden

  2. They put conditions on your story

  3. The company maintained its investment position in the futures market

  4. Private fence

  5. Indexed gold is a useful protection against inflation.

  6. People think that franchises are individuals and use different rhetoric and barriers to avoid them.

Synonyms of Hedged

trap, safeguard, hedgerow, row of bushes, protect, take out insurance, quibble, protection, encircle, buffer, obstruct, cover, guard, screen, cushion, edge, insure, restrict, circle, fudge, hinder, shield, qualification, fence


Meanings of Tender:
  1. Please show concern or sympathy.

  2. (Of the ship) tilt or tilt to roll in response to the wind.

  3. Formally present (something) or offer.

  4. Offer to work, supply goods or buy land, stock or other property at a fixed price.

  5. Ships for the transportation of people and goods from ships.

  6. A wagon is attached to a steam locomotive to deliver fuel and water.

  7. Someone who cares about other people, machines or places.

Sentences of Tender
  1. He is very kind and compassionate

  2. Soft green beans

  3. Yellow and smooth skin on your arms

  4. At the age of five

  5. Hopefully the boat will soften a bit when the wind blows harder

  6. Submit your resignation as boss

  7. We bid for three more frigates

Synonyms of Tender

kind, young, soft, compassionate, youthful, price, kindly, kind-hearted, not tough, give, propose, giving, set before someone, fatherly, offer, chewable, painful, raw, sore, estimate, sensitive, mild