Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds,

How Do You Define Hedge Funds?

  1. This traditional alternative to investing uses investor-funded ponds that meet certain criteria. The purpose of a hedge fund is to guarantee its investors an absolute return. This is done through a complex and diverse market strategy. Hedge funds generally avoid regulations because they are not open to the public and only selected and invited investors can participate.

  2. Hedge Funds means: This investment is only available to professional investors, pension funds and insurance companies. Dangerous bets are considered, although the goal is to beat the market. There are four main types of hedge funds

Literal Meanings of Hedge Funds


Meanings of Hedge:
  1. A fence or barrier made of bushes or shrubs that grows together.

  2. Fenced or attached.

  3. Limit or qualify for terms or costs (whatever).

  4. Protect yourself from losses (stakes or investments) through clearing or clearing operations.

Sentences of Hedge
  1. He was cutting the fence barefoot in the corner of the courtyard

  2. A garden covered with trees

  3. Experts often cover their predictions, only then

  4. The company secured its investment position in the futures market

Synonyms of Hedge

guard, circle, row of bushes, obstruct, limit, impede, surround, fence, insure, cover, confine, cushion, hedgerow, enclose, hinder, constrain, protect, bound, ring, restrict, safeguard, encircle, take out insurance


Meanings of Funds:
  1. Quantities are stored or available for a specific purpose.

  2. Pay for a specific purpose.

Sentences of Funds
  1. Created a fund to coordinate economic investment

  2. The World Bank refused to finance the project

Synonyms of Funds

finance, sponsor, back, reserve, endow, provide capital for, kitty, subsidize, float, purse, pool, collection, provide finance for, capitalize, maintain, pay for, put up the money for, be a patron of, support, underwrite