Heat Press Machine

We at Heat press darling have an idiom, “There is no single warmth press that is the awesome everybody, just the warmth press that is the awesome you.” I have spoken literally with artisans and hobbyists. We’ve heard what they need from a heat press and are happy to help them find their best heat press for over 10 years. With all these experiences we have a list of what we feel is the best heat press machine in different situations.

Lots of heat presses and options are available. We suggest below that you may need a separate heat press for your needs. If this is the case, please call us at (800) 215-0894. An agreeable individual from our MyExpert™ group will be glad to get with you and work with you to locate the best warmth press for you.

The best heat press to start on a budget

Heat press stress Empress 15 “X15” Heat Press is probably the best heat press in your market. This no-frills machine has everything you need for professional results with HTV, heat transfer paper, plastic transfer metal, and much more! It is also available in 16 “x20” and 16 “x 24” sizes.

If you are looking for an affordable heat press with features upgraded from Empress, check out the HPN Black Series heat press line. These presses come with upgraded features as well as auto-open and swing-away models.

The best heat press for crafting at home

The CraftPro 13 “X9” heat press was created with home crafting in mind. The slide-out lower plates stabilize and bond your clothing and transfer a perfect airflow while maintaining a safe distance from the material that warms your hands. Automatic timer means you no longer have to play games guessed with the iron in your house. CraftPro is also available in a 15 “x15” format for your larger projects.

If you have a small project and are shopping on a financial budget, check out the Empress 9 “x12” heat press. While it doesn’t have as many features as KraftPro, it does have its own and is a great option to consider.

Best Heat Press for Small Business - Low Daily Volume / Occasionally Big Run

We highly recommend Black Series 15 “x15” Auto-Open Heat Press for this application! A physical effort is required to open and close the manual clamshell heat press. This is not something you notice when you press a few shirts. However, operator fatigue becomes very real when you start pressing 20, 30, even 50 shirts at once. Auto-open is a feature that automatically opens your heat press when the timer drops below zero - cutting operator fatigue in half! The Black Series Auto-Open Heat Press also comes in 16 “x20” sizes.

Best Heat Press for Small Business - Medium Daily Volume

If your small business is pressing 25+ t-shirts every day, you need a heat press that can help improve your skills. The HPN Signature Series 16 “x20” auto-open heat press has a slide-out lower plate, which loads your wardrobe and transfers both safely and easily. The auto-open feature means you can start setting up the current item without fear of burning or overloading the current item (and of course also reduces operator fatigue). The signature series has been upgraded, with wool-listed elements and a number of additional features that put it in the category far above its modest price. Heat presses of similar quality usually cost twice as much.

This heat press machine is available without auto-open and in smaller 15 “x15” or larger 16 “x24” sizes.

The best heat press for high volume production

Your small business has grown and you are now running a fully fledged store. You need a heat press that can handle you and your crew for long periods of time We usually consider “high volume production” where your heat press needs to run 8 to 12+ hours shifts 5-7 days a week. The Geo Knight DK20A and HIX S-650 are two heavy duty, American-made heat presses that are made like tanks and will handle any project you target them. They both bring a lifetime warranty for their heating elements. , Which gives you an idea of ​​how confident the manufacturers are in their respective products. These are the kind of heat presses that you invest in that will pay off for themselves over and over again year after year and year after year.