Definition of Hearing:

  1. Trial or other proceedings before a judicial officer such as a magistrate or judge.

Synonyms of Hearing

Gedankenexperiment, Acoustic, Amassing evidence, Assize, Attention, Audible, Audience, Audile, Audio, Audition, Auditory, Auditory range, Aural, Auricular, Bench test, Blue book, Bugging, Carrying distance, Change of venue, Chromesthesia, Close inquiry, Color hearing, Conference, Court-martial, Cross-examination, Department of investigation, Detection, Detective work, Discussion, Dry run, Ear, Earreach, Earshot, Eavesdropping, Electronic surveillance, Exam, Examen, Examination, Exhaustive study, Favorable attention, Final, Final examination, Five senses, Flight test, Great go, Honors, Indagation, Inquest, Inquiry, Inquisition, Interview, Investigation, Investigative bureau, Jury trial, Legislative investigation, Legwork, Listening, Listening in, Meeting, Midsemester, Midterm, Mistrial, Negotiation, Oral, Oral examination, Otic, Otological, Otopathic, Otoscopic, Parley, Perscrutation, Phonic, Phonism, Photism, Pilot plan, Practical test, Practice, Prelim, Probe, Quiz, Range, Reach, Receptor, Rehearsal, Research, Road test, Sense organ, Senses, Sensillum, Sensorium, Sensory organ, Shakedown, Shakedown cruise, Sifting, Sight, Sixth sense, Sleuthing, Smell, Sound, Synesthesia, Take-home examination, Taste, Test, Test flight, Test run, Touch, Trial, Trial by jury, Trial run, Tripos, Tryout, Viva, Wiretapping, Witch-hunt, Workout, Written, Written examination

Meaning of Hearing & Hearing Definition


What is The Meaning of Hearing?

  • A general public process in which facts or laws are discussed and each party has the right to be heard.

Meanings of Hearing

  1. Ability to sense sound.

  2. Opportunity to present your case.

Sentences of Hearing

  1. People who listen a lot

  2. I think my audience is enough

Synonyms of Hearing

auditory perception, opportunity to put one's case, sense of hearing, aural faculty, opportunity to express one's point of view, chance to speak, faculty of hearing, ability to hear, opportunity to be heard, chance to put one's side of the story