Definition of Health:

  1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this is a state of complete physical, mental and social health, not just the absence of disease. Health is a dynamic condition that results from stress and climate change as a result of constant adjustment and adaptation of the body, in order to maintain an internal balance called homeostasis.

  2. A disease-free or injury-free state.

Synonyms of Health

Realism, Healthiness, Fitness, Fitness, Well-being, Healthfulness, Vigor, Soundness, Physical fitness, Vigorousness, Good trim, Good physical condition, Robustness, Vitality, Propriety, Normalcy, Constitution, Naturalness, Haleness, Naturism, Fettle, Haleness, Salubriousness, Normalness, Healthiness, Well-being, Salubrity, Wholeness, Euphoria, Fine fettle, Good shape, Wholesomeness, Regularity, Normality, Form, Stamina, Good kilter, Order, Strength, Trim, Condition, Naturalism

How to use Health in a sentence?

  1. It has been restored.
  2. The children are in very good health, are not suffering from any illness and are in good mental health with the new adoptive family.
  3. I envy my grandmother for living a happy and fulfilling life and good health in the nineties.
  4. It is important for employers to take care of the health of their workers, as sick people should be free to consult a doctor and recover so that there is no infection throughout the office.

Meaning of Health & Health Definition