Health – Excess/Stop Loss

Health – Excess/Stop Loss,

Health – Excess/Stop Loss: What is the Meaning of Health – Excess/Stop Loss?

This type of insurance can be extended so that you can include health insurance with your insurance or employer plans. This is used to cover the risk that the claim exceeds a certain amount or that the total losses of the project exceed a certain amount.

Literal Meanings of Health – Excess/Stop Loss


Sentences of Health
  1. Her health returned

Synonyms of Health

fine fettle, physical fitness, good shape, fitness, good physical condition, good kilter, haleness, well-being, good trim, healthiness


Meanings of Excess:
  1. Almost everything is more than necessary, permitted or required.

  2. Lack of moderation in an activity, especially when it comes to eating and drinking.

  3. More than the recommended or required amount

Sentences of Excess
  1. Are you stressed out in your life?

  2. Excessive alcohol attacks

  3. Remove excess fat from meat

Synonyms of Excess

self-gratification, excessive, immoderation, plethora, dissoluteness, spare, debauchery, prodigality, profusion, unneeded, extravagance, superabundance, profligacy, unwanted, superfluous, unused, overconsumption, surplus, intemperateness, self-indulgence, redundant, decadence, leftover, dissolution, oversufficiency


Meanings of Stop:
  1. The end of (an event, action or process) ends.

  2. The cause (action, deed or event) disappears.

  3. Block or cover (orifice or leak)

  4. Stop moving or acting.

  5. A set of organ pipes in a specific pitch and range.

  6. The effective diameter of the lens.

Sentences of Stop
  1. Laughter stops as soon as it starts

  2. This harassment should stop

  3. Trying to cover the hole with the heel of the shoe

  4. All closed companies

Synonyms of Stop

draw to a close, be over, block up, fill up, bring to an end, come to an end, standstill, conclude, finish, come to a stop, end, cease, close up, halt, bring to a halt, close, terminate, block, put a stop to, bring to a stop, put an end to, fill, plug, come to a standstill


Sentences of Loss
  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of Loss

misplacement, dropping, overlooking, forgetting, mislaying