Health and wellness businesses can use these branding strategies on Instagram

Today Instagram is a vital tool for businesses that can make use of the massive outreach and extreme popularity of the platform to expand and grow their business. Any business can use Instagram, including those related to health and wellness. They can start their campaign by buying real Instagram followers that give a thrust to the campaign and instantly credibility the brand. When you buy followers, focus only on real followers.

They will generate leads through interaction with the brand, increasing the chances of conversions. Buying Instagram followers is easy and affordable, and you can buy 50 real Instagram followers for as little as $20.

Do some homework before taking your business on Instagram

Health and wellness brands can leverage Instagram’s advertising capabilities by reaching out to millions of active monthly users to grow brand awareness and expand the customer base very fast, leading to business growth. Before taking to Instagram, make sure that the audience you are targeting using the platform extensively because choosing the right social media platform is one of the most critical decisions for marketing success.

Suppose most of your target audience is on Instagram. In that case, you should do more research to understand their expectations and what they are looking for, whether it is entertainment, education, inspiration, or something else. Once you have answers to these aspects, you can develop a marketing plan for your brand that resonates with the audience and implement it in a way that provides returns.

Here are some time tested strategies that you can adapt to build your health and wellness brand on Instagram.

Bio and photo optimization

Creating an impressive Instagram bio is the most important task for marketers. It helps lay a strong foundation for the brand and launches it on a firm footing by creating high impacting first impressions. Since first impressions are critical in making or breaking brands, you must pay proper attention to build an impressive Instagram bio using the best techniques of optimization.

The profile should create an immediate impact on the visitors, right from when they first click on it. In just a few seconds, they should get a fair glimpse and insight about your business and brand, which should give them enough reason to start following it closely. To achieve the goal, ensure that your profile photo, highlight cover photos, and bio align with the brand attributes.

Develop strategies for your feed and stories

Knowing how to tell your story through images and where to post it is crucial for your Instagram marketing campaign. Your Instagram Stories and your feed are the only places to post pictures that tell a story. Any visitor will be able to see your story or images when they visit your profile and maintain attraction. You must maintain your feed posts’ consistency and keep it uncluttered so that it is reflective of your visual branding. Maintain consistency in all the visual elements like color, fonts, and imagery that create brand imagery.

To play with the audience’s emotions, use Instagram Stories to connect with the audience at a personal level, and has an immediate appeal due to its spontaneity that strikes a chord with the audience.

Be consistent with your brand

Being consistent is a mark of trustworthiness for any brand, and you must maintain brand consistency both in your visuals and brand voice. Consistency helps generate trust for the brand as the audience can identify your content’s salient features that help to relate with the brand and bring them closer to it. You create a soft and relaxed tone in some of your posts by using soothing colors like pink but suddenly post some other cluttered images and seem unrelated. It will confuse the audience, who will feel that your business is unorganized. Create your brand personality by choosing the design elements carefully and stick to it religiously to maintain consistency.

Be interactive on the platform

The level of activity you maintain on the platform bears testimony to your willingness to engage closely with the audience instead of just initiating a one-way communication like traditional advertising. Adapt the same approach while interacting with other brands that help grow brand awareness for your programs of health and wellness and paves the way for connecting with a larger number of potential customers. Keep a close tab on the changes that often happen to the Instagram algorithms so that you would know which type of posts perform best.


Besides using posts to create and enhance engagement with the audience and other brands, you can team up with other health and wellness brands to rapidly expand the audience base. Collaborating with other brands gives you instant access to an almost ready audience to accept your brand. So it can be a win-win situation for both.