Headline Inflation

Headline Inflation,

Headline Inflation:

  • Definition of Headline Inflation: Basic inflation is aggregate inflation released by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is published monthly through wage statistics. The IPC calculates the cost of acquiring a fixed basket of goods to determine inflation in the economy as a whole. The CPI uses a twenty-year value and sets the current year's price based on a twenty-year price.

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Meanings of Headline:
  1. Enter a title.

  2. Work as an artist in (concert)

  3. The title at the beginning of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine.

  4. Irrelevant to the unemployment rate as a percentage of the population or related to or related to the total number of unemployed.

Sentences of Headline
  1. A feature called "Invest in Your Future".

  2. An audio clock featuring rappers LL Cole J and De La Sol

  3. Title on the first page

  4. The global unemployment rate surprised markets with a slight decline

Synonyms of Headline

headline, release, publicize, communiqué, broadcast, trumpet, bulletin, newscast, column, plaster, piece, write-up, blazon, article, flash, report, brief, display, description, communication


Meanings of Inflation:
  1. Spreading something or a state of inflation.

  2. General increase in price and decrease in purchase price of silver.

Sentences of Inflation
  1. Inflating balloon

  2. Inflation control policy

Synonyms of Inflation

colouring, overestimation, embroidery, amplification, aggrandizement, hyperbole, embellishment, overplaying, gain, rise, magnification, mounting, extravagance, inflation, excessiveness, growth, enhancement, overvaluation, increase, exaggeration, dramatization, overemphasis, escalation