Head Trader

Head Trader,

Head Trader:

  • A leader is the manager of a commercial company who is responsible for the company's position, risk, and ultimately profit. In registered investment firms, the senior manager oversees all dealers and other employees in his area of ​​responsibility and can work on his own. In particular, senior managers are responsible for ensuring that all employees are part of the business transaction (ie, not just for vendors). A leader can also be called a company leader.

    • A leader is the manager of a commercial company who is responsible for the company's position, risk, and ultimately profit.
    • The lead manager can report to the investment director or portfolio manager and can play a key role in processing and processing business individual applications.
    • In terms of market and architectural / business environment, a leader must be one of the most capable people in a company.

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Meanings of Head:
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  11. CEO.

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  1. Head of the Dutch Catholic Church

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Meanings of Trader:
  1. A person who buys and sells property, currency or shares.

Sentences of Trader
  1. Dishonest traders selling fireworks to children are in danger of deteriorating.

Synonyms of Trader

dealer, merchant, buyer, seller, salesman, saleswoman, buyer and seller, marketeer, merchandiser, broker, agent