Head count

Head count,

Definition of Head count:

  1. The actual number of people on a company's payroll is compared to the salary that is paid.

Synonyms of Head count

Checkroll, Summing, Statement, Muster, Poll, Summing up, Scroll, Jury list, Cadastre, Census, Repertory, Docket, Returns, Roll, Rehearsal, Accounts, Dramatis personae, Capitulation, Beadroll, Muster roll, Calendar, Count, Body count, Summary, Rota, Program, Recapitulation, Honor roll, Lineup, Order of business, Summation, Roster, Checklist, Inventory, Nose count, Property roll, Jury panel, Census report, Questionnaire, Agenda, Tax roll, Recounting, Recount, Reckoning, Roll call, Account

Meaning of Head count & Head count Definition