Hclo2 Acid Name

Hclo2 Acid Name

What is the name of HClO2 acid? 3

A.) Hydrochloric acid

B) hypochlorous acid.

C) Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid

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Which of the following contains ionic bonds?

F.) NaOH

G.) N2O4.

H.) NO3.

I.) NO2.

I know...

H = hydrogen.




HClO .. hypochlorous acid.

HClO2 .. hydrochloric acid.

HClO3 .. hydrochloric acid.

HClO4 .. by hydrochloric acid.

H2SO2 .. hypoglycemic acid.

H2SO3 .. sulfuric acid

H2SO4 .. Contains sulfur.

H2SO5 .. sulfuric acid.

H3PO2 .. Hypoporous acid.

H3PO3 .. psroic acid


H3PO5 .. causes acid.

Did you see the pattern?

About salt ..

NaClO .. Sodium hypochlorite.

NaClO2 .. sodium chlorite.

Sodium NaClO3 box ..

NaClO4 .. Sodium perchlorate.

Acid HCl2.

The name of the acid is HCL.

HClO2 is hydrochloric acid. It's not like HCl. The purpose of this exercise is to show you how to name compounds that contain polyatomic components such as ClO2.

Hypochlorous acid is HClO.

HCL is another name for hydrogen chloride and when dissolved in water it is called hydrochloric acid. But as a gas, it will become hydrogen chloride.

The second answer is (F). This is sodium hydroxide. Two ions are formed in water. Na + and OH, and OH are associated with moat symmetry.

Hclo2 Acid Name