Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste,

What is Hazardous Waste?

  1. A technical term under the Comprehensive Environmental, Compensation and Environmental Responsibility Act (CERCLA) for classifying a chemical or other product as a source of a hazardous substance or hazardous waste.

  2. The term is commonly used to denote pollution and contamination as a result of industrial processing that needs to be eliminated.

Literal Meanings of Hazardous Waste


Synonyms of Hazardous

dangerous, risky, unsafe, perilous, precarious, insecure, tricky, unpredictable, uncertain, high-risk, touch-and-go, fraught with danger


Meanings of Waste:
  1. Use it or spend it carelessly, wastefully or aimlessly.

  2. (A person or part of the body) is getting weaker and thinner.

  3. Crushed or crushed (somewhere)

  4. (Time) disappears because it has passed.

  5. (Material, H, Material or Product Product) may be discarded or discarded as this process is useless or necessary after completion.

  6. (An area, usually in a city or town) that is not used, cultivated or built.

  7. Use careless, extravagant or useless work or affairs or expenses.

  8. It left out unwanted content or useless by-products.

  9. Large areas of dry land, usually uninhabited.

  10. Material damage caused by actions or negligence, especially by lifelong tenants.

Sentences of Waste
  1. We can't waste electricity

  2. He was clearly drunk

  3. Seize their flocks and destroy their land

  4. Make sure the waste is disposed of responsibly

  5. A piece of desert

  6. What a waste of time talking to him

  7. Body waste

Synonyms of Waste

squander, fritter away, misspend, misuse, spend recklessly, throw away, lavish, be wasteful with, dissipate, spend like water, throw around like confetti, grow weak, wither, atrophy, become emaciated, shrivel up, shrink, decay, destroy, devastate, lay waste, leave in ruins, wreak havoc on, ravage, leave desolate, unwanted, excess, superfluous, left over, scrap

Hazardous Waste,

Hazardous Waste Meanings:

  • Definition of Hazardous Waste: A technical term in the Environmental, Compensation and Comprehensive Liability Act (CERCLA) for a chemical or other product that is considered hazardous or represents a source of hazardous waste.

Literal Meanings of Hazardous Waste


Meanings of Hazardous:
  1. Dangerous danger.

Synonyms of Hazardous

sticky, parlous, gnarly, dicey, iffy, chancy, dodgy, hairy, speculative, undependable


Meanings of Waste:
  1. Use or spend carelessly, wastefully or unnecessarily.

  2. (A person or part of the body) to be weak and thin.

  3. Destruction or destruction (somewhere).

  4. (Hour) Missing

  5. (Of a substance, substance or by-product) is discarded or discarded after completion of a process because it is no longer useful or necessary.

  6. (A piece of land, usually urban) not used, developed or built.

  7. The act or example of using or spending carelessly, extravagantly, or unnecessarily.

  8. Unwanted or unusable materials, substances or by-products.

  9. Extensive barren land, usually uninhabited

  10. Damage to a domain due to an act or omission, especially retirement.

Sentences of Waste
  1. He looks tired

  2. Take his cattle and destroy the land.

  3. Lost year

  4. A desert

  5. It is a waste of time to talk.

  6. Nuclear waste

  7. The accumulated garbage of Antarctica.

Synonyms of Waste

wilderness, garbage, languish, litter, effluent, degenerate, wild, squandering, remains, be forgotten, moulder, drain, desert, extra, void, debris, emptiness, infertile, arid, exhaust, consume, barren, trash, misspending, unpopulated, refuse, unused, wastefulness