Definition of Hazard:

  1. Insurance: Condition or situation that creates or increases chance of loss in an insured risk, separated into two kinds (1) Physical hazard: physical environment which could increase or decrease the probability or severity of a loss. It can be managed through risk-improvement, insurance policy terms, and premium rates. (2) Moral hazard: attitude and ethical conduct of the insured. It cannot be managed but can be avoided by declining to insure the risk.

  2. Venture to say (something).

  3. A danger or risk.

  4. A gambling game using two dice, in which the chances are complicated by arbitrary rules.

  5. Put (something) at risk of being lost.

  6. Chance; probability.

  7. Workplace safety: Dangerous event or situation that may lead to an emergency or disaster. It could also be a biological, chemical, or physical agent in (or a property of) an environment that may have an adverse health effect, or may cause injury or loss. As such, a hazard is a potential and not an actual possibility.

Synonyms of Hazard

Danger, Risk, Peril, Threat, Menace, Accident, Adventure, Ante, Ante up, Assume, Attempt, Back, Bechance, Befall, Bet, Bet on, Betide, Bingo, Block, Blockade, Book, Bottleneck, Brave, Breakers ahead, Calculated risk, Call, Card games, Cardhouse, Casualty, Catch, Cause for alarm, Chance, Chance hit, Chance it, Chuck and toss, Chuck farthing, Chuck-a-luck, Chunk, Come, Come along, Compromise, Contingency, Contingent, Cordon, Court destruction, Cover, Crack-loo, Crap game, Crap shooting, Craps, Crisis, Curtain, Danger, Dangerous ground, Dare, Defy danger, Desultoriness, Determent, Deterrent, Difficulty, Drawback, Emergency, Encounter danger, Endanger, Endangerment, Expose, Face up to, Fade, Fan-tan, Flier, Fluke, Forget the odds, Fortuity, Fortune, Freak accident, Gamble, Gamble on, Gamble with, Gaping chasm, Gathering clouds, Handbook, Hang-up, Hap, Happen, Happen along, Happen by chance, Happening, Happenstance, Hitch, Horse racing, House of cards, Hurdle, Imperil, Imperilment, Incur danger, Infirmity, Insecurity, Insolidity, Instability, Insubstantiality, Jeopard, Jeopardize, Jeopardy, Joker, Keno, Lay, Lay a wager, Lay down, Lay open, Long odds, Long shot, Lotto, Luck, Lucky shot, Make a bet, Make bold, Make free, Meet a bet, Menace, Objection, Obstacle, Obstruction, Obstructive, One small difficulty, Parlay, Pass, Peril, Perilousness, Pinball, Pinch, Pitch and toss, Play, Play against, Play with fire, Plight, Plunge, Policy, Pop up, Precariousness, Predicament, Presume, Pretend, Punt, Put in danger, Put in jeopardy, Quicksand, Rely on fortune, Risk, Riskiness, Rocks ahead, Rouge et noir, Roulette, Rub, Run a chance, Run the chance, Run the risk, See, Set at hazard, Shakiness, Shell game, Shiftiness, Shiftingness, Shot, Slipperiness, Snag, Speculation, Speculativeness, Stake, Stand pat, Storm clouds, Strait, Stumbling block, Stumbling stone, Sweepstake, Sweepstakes, Take a chance, Take a flier, Take chances, Take the liberty, Tempt Providence, Tempt fortune, The numbers, The numbers game, Thin ice, Threat, Threaten, Ticklishness, Treacherousness, Treachery, Trente-et-quarante, Trust to chance, Try the chance, Turn up, Unauthenticity, Unauthoritativeness, Uncertainty, Undependability, Unfaithworthiness, Unreliability, Unsolidity, Unsoundness, Unsteadfastness, Unsteadiness, Unsubstantiality, Unsureness, Untrustworthiness, Venture, Wager, Chance, Probability, Fortuity, Luck, Fate, Destiny, Fortune, Providence, Serendipity, Accident, Risk, Put at risk, Jeopardize, Chance, Gamble, Stake, Bet, Take a chance with, Venture, Put forward, Proffer, Advance, Volunteer

How to use Hazard in a sentence?

  1. I didnt want to stand in front of the fire exit at the movie theater because I realized it would make me a hazard .
  2. The cargo business is too risky to hazard money on.
  3. The Game of Hazard may be played by any Number of Persons.
  4. We can form no calculation concerning the laws of hazard.
  5. He hazarded a guess.
  6. Driving at night with out your headbeams on is a real hazard due to the fact that you cant see other cars, and other cars likely cant see you.
  7. The hazards of smoking.
  8. Having a good safety crew at your organization will help you to find out where a hazard may lie and avoid it.

Meaning of Hazard & Hazard Definition