Hazard Risk

Hazard Risk,

Hazard Risk:

  • Synonyms See key terms of risk event

Literal Meanings of Hazard Risk


Meanings of Hazard:
  1. Dare say (something)

  2. Put (something) in danger of being lost.

  3. Danger or danger.

  4. Random possibility

  5. A two-dice game of chance in which difficulties are complicated by arbitrary rules.

Sentences of Hazard
  1. Dare to guess

  2. The risk of making money in the transport business is very high

  3. Dangers of smoking

  4. We cannot reckon with the law of chance

  5. The game of chance can be played by any number of people.

Synonyms of Hazard

jeopardize, menace, risk, serendipity, stake, fortune, proffer, accident, providence, gamble, put at risk, chance, bet, danger, take a chance with, peril, destiny, venture, fate, luck, advance, volunteer, fortuity, put forward, probability, threat


Meanings of Risk:
  1. Exposure to loss, damage or loss (to someone or something of value)

  2. Conditions involved in exposure to hazards

Sentences of Risk
  1. Ignoring the law is very dangerous

Synonyms of Risk

put in danger, endanger, gamble, take a chance with, put on the line, venture, chance, put at risk, prospect, threat, probability, possibility, likelihood, peril, imperil, danger, expose to danger, wager, jeopardize, put in jeopardy, hazard, menace, gamble with, fear, bet