Haver Ou A Ver

Haver Ou A Ver

What is true about phrases in SEE or HAVER?

Right to see  O

Or there is no sense of its presence.

Or look at the temperature or the sense of similarity.

Example / Owner:

You know you love like people.

There should be a dialogue between the country and the children.

Example / view:

Where is he who has been seen with?

Or he told me I had nothing.

United States

Tell me or am I scared to see? To have something in common is to have something in common, willingness or something. Now, the verb means tar, but it does not have a sense of being and gives the example of non-existence, such as: whether these years have passed or not.

Oatmeal means there, although it can be used like Garia, which means what's going on.

Dude, I'm not good at Portuguese, but he's seen it.

To have it means that it exists, or that it exists.

Let's see, to show compulsion, or to be, is related to such a thing. Example: Or which banana to look for with an apple?

I'm afraid of it!

It helps :)

Haver Ou A Ver