Who is the best dog? A cn, Bullmastiff or Havacn decoration?

If you are thinking of investing in one of these races

What is this new mode?

If you're lost somewhere, there's a new trend in dealing with the famous dog: the weird and unhealthy breeds of dog that cost people thousands of dollars. They call them designed dogs.

Check out the Amazon link on the left! Now there are books about breeds of dogs that tell about their temperament and upbringing. One with the needs of the people. These animals are not new breeds, they are stray dogs! Accident!

Now I am for the dog. I never had anything else. But (intentional) breeding consists of two high-quality and different-breeding animals and the mother's testing for infectious diseases. Puggle, Ladoodle, Peke, Havacon or any other cute dog will not do that. They choose cute animals and force them to breed beyond their means. They do not breed for the better. They raise only to make money and this creates problems for animals and shopkeepers.

So why don't you understand

Of course they are cute! They are dogs and should be cute! But they are also famous, and if you've ever left someone, you know it won't last. When you have a dog, you stick to it all your life, not as long as you want.

And even if you want to take your dog like your friend Jack, you're not a kid. In fact, I recommend Medium Boss, is it a human dog? For more information on this. The answer is basically no, and you will be disappointed if you expect this race to work like his family. These dogs are nothing special and they are no exception to this rule because they are designers.

What to do?

Still think you need one of these designer hybrids? Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally? Take this test first and show that you can make a difference.

Basically, all you can do to get out of this destructive mood is to stay calm. If you need an animal x cn freeze mix, I can almost guarantee that your local animal shelter will have one. But when you buy HAVACN, you encourage Puppy Millers and BACARD S to raise more modern dogs that are not healthy.

Excessive use of pets is a major problem in this country. Please do not add more issues.

There is no one breed of dog that is suitable for everyone, so do some research on the breed of dog you are interested in.

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