Definition of Harmonization:

  1. The action or process of adding notes to a melody to produce harmony.

  2. The fact or process of producing a pleasing visual combination.

  3. Adjustment of differences and inconsistencies among different measurements, methods, procedures, schedules, specifications, or systems to make them uniform or mutually compatible.

  4. The action or process of making something consistent or compatible.

Synonyms of Harmonization

Nachtmusik, Absolute music, Accommodation, Adaptation, Adjustment, Air varie, Aleatory, Aleatory music, Arrangement, Assimilation, Attunement, Balancing, Chamber music, Chamber orchestra, Charting, Coaptation, Codification, Composition, Coordination, Descant, Electronic music, Equalization, Etude, Evening, Exercise, Incidental music, Instrumental music, Instrumentation, Integration, Intonation, Invention, Methodization, Modulation, Nocturne, Normalization, Opus, Orchestration, Ordination, Organization, Phrasing, Piece, Planning, Preparation, Production, Program music, Rationalization, Reconcilement, Reconciliation, Regularization, Regulation, Resolution, Ricercar, Routinization, Score, Setting, Solution, Sonata, Sonatina, Squaring, String orchestra, String quartet, Study, Suspension, Symmetrization, Synchronization, Systematization, Theme and variations, Timing, Tone painting, Transcription, Trio, Variation, Work

How to use Harmonization in a sentence?

  1. There are chords that are commonly used in the harmonization of songs.

Meaning of Harmonization & Harmonization Definition