Definition of Harm:

  1. Prevention of financial or physical damage or loss.

Synonyms of Harm

Maiming, Get into trouble, Put to inconvenience, Collapse, Put back, Banefulness, Disaccommodate, Envenom, Impair, Liability, Venom, Afflict, Impairment, Befoul, Evil, Pestilence, Blight, Befoulment, Drawback, Bugbear, Harass, Hurting, Wound, Torment, Impose upon, Vexation, Bother, Inroad, Destruction, Sabotage, Iniquity, Aggravate, Bankruptcy, Wrong, Weaken, Taint, Crushing burden, Loss, Nemesis, Do wrong by, Distress, Corrupt, Do wrong, Abuse, Disease, Spoiling, Misfortune, Mischief, Worsen, The worst, Menace, Open wound, Deprave, Incapacitation, Put to trouble, Wickedness, Loss of ground, Disoblige, Wreak havoc on, Dilapidate, Infection, Perniciousness, Doom, Maltreat, Defilement, Hurt, Breakdown, Destroy, Weakening, Disablement, Bewitch, Do ill, Bane, Irritate, Noxiousness, Mischance, Defile, Scathe, Calamity, Injure, Exacerbate, Running sore, Mutilation, Grievance, Mayhem, Endamage, Detriment, Outrage, Savage, Aggrieve, Havoc, Encroachment, Disserve, Blemish, Sickening, Mistreat, Crucify, Violate, Ill, Abomination, Trouble, Visitation, Crying evil, Toxin, Atrocity, Disrepair, Disadvantage, Play havoc with, Dilapidation, Affliction, Ruination, Inconvenience, Plague, Deteriorate, Deleteriousness, Ruinousness, Handicap, Step backward, Hobbling, Burden, Condemn, Jinx, Pollute, Threaten, Tarnish, Badness, Injury, Rum, Do a mischief, Torture, Pollution, Discommode, Wrongdoing, Infringement, Bad, Corruption, Scourge, Despoil, Crippling, Breakage, Infliction, Death, Pest, Spoil, Play hob with, Misuse, Hex, Curse, Damage, Molest, Embitter, Infect, Crack-up, Prejudice, Make worse, Do violence to, Do evil, Mar, Incommode, Despoliation, Thorn, Poison, Vitiate, Persecute, Woe, Put out

Meaning of Harm & Harm Definition

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