Definition of Hardware:

  1. Tools, machinery, and other durable equipment.

  2. Computing: Physical equipment that makes up a computer system, such as circuit boards, keyboard and mouse, monitor, printer, power supply, storage devices. Contrasts with software.

  3. Trading: (1) A manufactured item. (2) Fasteners and fittings used in construction industry.

Synonyms of Hardware

Appliances, Armaments, Arms, Brassware, Chinaware, Clayware, Components, Computer, Computer hardware, Computer unit, Copperware, Devices, Dinnerware, Durable goods, Durables, Earthenware, Electronic brain, Electronic computer, Enamelware, Fixtures, Flatware, Glassware, Graniteware, Hard goods, Hollow ware, Housefurnishings, Housewares, Information machine, Ironmongery, Ironware, Kitchenware, Machinery, Materiel, Metalware, Munitions, Ovenware, Silverware, Sporting goods, Stoneware, Tableware, Thinking machine, Tinware, Tools, Tools and machinery, White goods, Woodenware, Equipment, Apparatus, Gear, Paraphernalia, Tackle, Kit, Machinery

How to use Hardware in a sentence?

  1. One of the most used, but least considered, necessities in a kitchen remodeling is the cabinet hardware such as hinges and pulls.
  2. We installed a new storm door by ourselves but we had to buy hardware , i.e. hinges and door handle, since they were not included.
  3. Tanks and other military hardware.
  4. Before we can use the new wing of our renovated headquarters, we will need to purchase the proper hardware from our supplier to be installed on the doors and windows.

Meaning of Hardware & Hardware Definition

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What Does HARDWARE Mean?

Computer term for electrical, electronic, or mechanical components (or a mixture thereof) that are part of a computer system, such as (see) central processing unit (CPU), tape and disk, optical card imaging unit, or magnetic, Card and slot reader, interpreter and classifier and all other parts of the system that can be described as real. (See software)

Meanings of HARDWARE

  1. Tools, machines and other durable tools.

Sentences of HARDWARE

  1. Tanks and other military equipment


HARDWARE Meanings:

  • Computer term for electrical (electronic, or mechanical components (or combinations)) that are part of a computer system, such as (see) Central Processing Unit (CPU), Cassette and Disk, Optical or Magnetic Card Imaging Unit, Card And cartoon readers, translators and classifiers and all the other parts of the system that can be described as best as possible. (See software).

Meanings of HARDWARE

  1. Machines, cables and other physical components of computers or other electronic systems.

Sentences of HARDWARE

  1. Hi-tech military equipment

  2. Choose a software package that meets your needs and buy the hardware to run it.

Synonyms of HARDWARE

implements, clubber, gadgets, articles, stuff, things, equipage, instruments, gubbins


What is The Meaning of HARDWARE?

HARDWARE refers to The term computer refers to electrical, electronic, or mechanical components (or a combination thereof) that are part of a computer system, such as (see) a central processing unit (CPU), cassettes and disks, optical imaging units, or magnetic cards. Card reader. And Mecca, spokespersons and classifiers and all other parts of the system that may be the best qualified. (See software).

Meanings of HARDWARE

  1. Machines, cables and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system.

Sentences of HARDWARE

  1. High-tech military equipment

  2. Choose the software package that meets your needs and buy the hardware to run it.