Hardest Skateboard Trick

Hardest Skateboard Trick

What are some of the tricks of skateboarding, from simple to difficult? ۔

I need a list where I can see my progress, looking at the many suggestions I've learned.



Oli is wrong


Fake show.

Pop ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ pop show

nolly fs shuv

There is no one

fs 180s (Sw)

Back to 180s (sw)


Wrong turn


High heel

Tilt the center of the cabin.

Wrong type

High heel

Can come back

Kick wrench

Nolly BS Show

So show

Dirty change

360 show.

Faki 360 show.

Double round

False double turn

Back to 360.


sign in

Fakie fs flips

All curves

Casper is over

Change sw

Play zero

Zeroli jumps.

Extraordinary change.

Variable jump

Turn hard


So learn everything sw

And go from single to double.

Double to triple


But what are you doing?

Don't waste your time with cousins.

List of skateboarding tips.

This page can help you.


What are some skateboard tricks, from simple to difficult?

I need a list where I can see my progress by looking at the many learning points.

It really depends on the trick ... When I started learning my kick flip I was much better at my clumsy legs and struggling to keep up with it, the opposite was happening on my heels! Skateboard moves are usually difficult ... no matter how clumsy or organized they may be.

Not good, but it says 360 wy

After the invention of Ariel 360, it is now called 360 spin or pivot, although Ariel 360 is technically the first 360. The current official world record for skateboarding is 163 LL Revolutions by Russwell [citation needed]. Variables include Nose 360 ​​Spins (Rodney Mullen performed at the end of one of his many races), One Fit 360 Spins, Hang Ten 360 Spins, and more.


5050 is the name of a tent / trestle / testal such as Casper (mentioned on the previous page), where the board is upside down, but the hind foot is placed in the tailgate instead of the hind heel. With the 5050, the nose can be lifted from the board with one hand or the nose can be lifted from the front legs without lifting the board by hand. In this case, it's NoHanded 5050. The name of this stand / easel / easel collides with the famous street skate trick, 5050 grinding. Although this position / position / position is mentioned earlier, other riders use trusted names to distinguish the two (from the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series).

Anti Casper.

Contrary to popular belief, anti-Casper is not just a nose / hundred Casper. Does not count as anti-Caspar unless half of the impossible Oli is counted as Caspar nose / sword. This is usually done by removing the tail, which is half impossible or half vertical, and jumping. As soon as the board returns half of the impossible Oli, he steps on the SW Casper and his front paw on the nose and his hind foot on the bottom of the board get stuck in the Casper Nose / Hundred.


Similar to Bonning, but Knight catches the nose or grabs the lane (the heel side of the nose) with the foreign hand.

Change, play disco.

This move consists of a Y motion and a board motion. You flip the kick and when the board rotates, you rotate your Y from normal to mute (or vice versa).

Bones, bones

The top was originally designed in Cincinnati, Ohio during the winter blizzard of 1979-1980. Disappointed after any skateboarding activity, Robert Hammerk and Gary Scott Davis lay down in the living room with their skateboards and sofas, pretending to be pillows. Gary thought of pulling his front legs and grabbing him by the back to breathe. Two months later, when the snow finally melted, Robert Hammerk and Mark Mounts were skating on a local skateboard called OD. When Robert remembers the "impossible". Mark Mounts tried it and found it very easy. At the end of the day, all three jumped on the OD. Thus, after much debate about the name of this very simple trick, initially called for only predictors, Mark decided to name it after one of Roberts' children's toys. Suggested, a doll called "Harry the Boneless". ۔


This trick was invented by Keith Airfield. [Citation needed] For the air flip, stand on the heel side rail support and place your feet on one side of the board. The feet are close together, no more than an inch or two between them. The cyclist presses with the foot on the end of the board which is not on the bicycle. He picks up the board and you lift it with your hands on this side and your feet on the wheel. This trick is used to convert a one-foot Pogo or 5050 from a heel side rail mount. You can also take the board with your feet instead of your hands and turn it into an air flip for the nine-handed 5050.

Wrap the legs to the surgeon, Figure 4, pretzel plant.

A trick in which the skater uses one foot to wrap the board around the other foot, which is on the ground, and then lowers it to land in the riding position. The trick is called Flamingo after the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, also by professional skater Mike Welly, because it looks like a flamingo standing on one leg. The real name of the scam is Calf Rap. Created by Derek Ballen and King Gregory, later improved by Doreen Terry and Chris Markovich.


Casper is the name of the attitude / currency / currency created by Bobby Casper Bowden whose skin is pale. This is often mistakenly discovered by Rodney Mullen, who invented the Caspar 360 flip, not the stable / easel / easel. It shares the name Casper with the Caspian catastrophe, but the two peaks are not the same. With Casper, the board is on the side of the strap, the hind foot is on the heel and the front foot is under the board near the nose. Single point

Nose guide



Inside the Philips Philips shell.


360 Flip

FlipTimer Laser BS Flip FS Flip.

Oli, Shoes, 180s, Kick Phillips, Heel Phillips, Vic, ■■■■■ Stuff, Inner Heel, Wheel, Hard Flip, Echtmeyer Phillips, Laser Flips.

Hardest Skateboard Trick