Definition of Hardening:

  1. The term hardening can also be used in the insurance and banking industries to refer to a period of more stringent underwriting or lending standards.

  2. Hardening describes conditions of rising prices and falling volatility in a particular market. Hardening is most commonly applied when referring to the commodities futures market.

  3. Make or become hard or harder.

  4. Process by which a material acquires greater hardness, such as cold forming or heat treatment.

Synonyms of Hardening

Solidify, Set, Become hard, Become solid, Congeal, Clot, Coagulate, Stiffen, Thicken, Cake, Freeze, Bake, Crystallize, Abidingness, Acclimation, Acclimatization, Accommodation, Accustoming, Adaption, Adjustment, Agglutination, Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis, Breaking, Breaking-in, Calcification, Callusing, Case hardening, Changelessness, Clumping, Clustering, Compression, Concentration, Concretion, Condensation, Conditioning, Consolidation, Constancy, Cornification, Crystallization, Densification, Domestication, Durability, Durableness, Duration, Endurance, Familiarization, Firming, Firmness, Fixedness, Fortification, Fossilization, Frozenness, Granulation, Habituation, Hornification, Housebreaking, Immobility, Immovability, Immovableness, Immutability, Induration, Indurative, Inurement, Invariability, Invariableness, Inveteracy, Invigoration, Lapidification, Lastingness, Lithification, Long standing, Naturalization, Orientation, Ossification, Permanence, Permanency, Perpetualness, Persistence, Persistency, Petrifaction, Petrifactive, Petrification, Petrifying, Quiescence, Refreshment, Reinforcement, Reinvigoration, Restrengthening, Revivification, Rigidity, Sclerosis, Seasoning, Setting, Solidification, Solidity, Stability, Standing, Stasis, Steadfastness, Steeling, Stiffening, Strengthening, Taming, Tempering, Torpor, Toughening, Training, Unchangeability, Unchangingness, Vitrifaction, Vitrification

How to use Hardening in a sentence?

  1. In the banking and insurance industries, hardening is often observed in the aftermath of financial crises when financial institutions are more eager to control and reduce their risks.
  2. Wait for the glue to harden.
  3. In the finance industry, the term “hardening” is typically used to refer to a period of rising prices and reduced volatility, specifically in the commodities trading industry.
  4. The term hardening is also common in the insurance and lending industries, where it refers to periods of time when more rigorous underwriting or lending practices are implemented.

Meaning of Hardening & Hardening Definition