Happy Birthday In Korean

Happy Birthday In Korean

Where I wrote Happy Day, Opa! In Korean?

¹Â, ƒ ¼ì¶ •  ´! (oppa, sehngeelcokkaheh) = Oppa, happy birthday!

«Â¹Â = opa.

infor infor • Â • infor infor infor (informal) = good morning

formal formal • Â formal formal (”(formal) = hello.

¹Â, ¼ì¶ •  •

Good morning

The Korean word for Korean is: ?? (Hanguk) Korean, however, is written in Korean: ??? (Korean) So, whatever your preference, Koreans don't use literal translation. Hope this helps.

I want to ask the same question.

Yes, that can be true

Happy Birthday In Korean