Happy Birthday In Japanese

Happy Birthday In Japanese

Happy birthday to you?


Hiragana: £ §à £ £

Otunjao was polluted

And to make it more formal, add آخر  "Â- £" ¾à £ ™ (gozai maso) at the end.

Happy birthday to Anisa

Talk about nineteen and love nineteen culture!

I know the way around me and am currently learning the language. Happy birthday:

Tanju Oomedetou enjoyimasu ya

 "Ÿæ — £ Šà £ Â,  £ §à £!

Otanjo Omedo Gozai Maso!

Help for example!

: P

Come back:

Happy Birthday to Anisa?

Please do not use fish or other translation tools. Only answer if you really speak the language, because I don't want to be wrong. I need to see what is written on the symbol (what is the key or alphabet ... I don't know) Forcing is also good!

Thanks ...

My girlfriend is anesthetic so I asked her ... what do you say:

Otanjo Omedo Gozai Maso!

Because of this statement:


Help for example! :)

Otanjo Omedo Gozai Maso!

What is your year

I can help you

Happy Birthday In Japanese

Happy Birthday In Japanese

I do not know what to say

تنجوؤ omedeto

Thanks everyone for the answers.

Happy Birthday In Japanese