Happy Birthday In Greek

Happy Birthday In Greek

Do you wish me a happy birthday in Greek? ۔

I used online translators, but they still provide information that is not actually used in Greece. Today is my friend's day and I just wanted to greet you in Greek.

Thank you very much!

Chicken hernia (خواہش ± Â € ¿ÃŽÂ "ÃŽÂ" many desire to live for many years, most common)

haroumena genethlia ± ± Happy Day)

Heliohoronie (لڑکی ¹Î "Âàfor girls)), Helio Horrons (à¹ÎÂ"

Happy birthday in greek

Happy Birthday In Greek

Happy Birthday In Greek

This is cronia pola, which means you have many years to live. We don't usually use the correct translation of Happy Day, but here is the genealogy of Eftichismena to tell you. Help for example!

There are several ways to express this:

1. Hronia Polla (Hrohnia Pohlah) means many years.

Pattern of history

xronia tail

I'm not sure about modern Greek, but in ancient Coin Greek (the language of the common people, as opposed to scholars or philosophers), we sing Sui Genesis Macria.

I = yours

Birth = day r

Makriya = happy.

If I had Greek writing I could tell you what it is like.

have nice day!

Cronia Pool

Happy Birthday In Greek