Happy Birthday In Gaelic

Happy Birthday In Gaelic

What a happy day I told myself in Irish lic!?!?! Help!? 3

Help! I need it urgently.

Please translate.

The best for me!

Lesvinic Larquin

Happy Birthday song in Irish

Breathable Gold DM! [Best wishes for me!]


. By the way, the previous two answers were not given to you in Irish.

Kenny understands this well (and I helped him) except for one small detail: Lá Breithe sna dt, a MhÃÂchÃÂl. Red Sox Gray! The vocal form of the mole is: these fish

Breaththal isna dom (brahla na tham) or la braith asna dom (law briha na tham) is a happy day like ilge.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday In Gaelic