Hani Beauty – Big Beauty E-commerce in Vietnam

“With more than 5 years’ experience in the field of beauty and distributing beauty tools and products at home and abroad, especially products in the eyelash extensions, tattoo spraying and nails industry. Hani Beauty always produces and selects the best quality prestige eyelash extensions for customers. Good after-sales policy with the motto “Good Price – High Quality” Hani Beauty would like to bring the best value to customers.”

Hani Beauty – Big Beauty E-commerce

Launched in 2014, Hani Beauty is a pioneer in Vietnam operating in the field of retail of beauty and cometic appliances, appliances … around the world, helping customers and partners to trade internationally. geographical way, simple, convenient and orthodox. Hani Beauty is a major brand agent authorized to cooperate and distribute genuine products with clear origin from Korea, Russia, USA … Our mainstay and strength are materials and accessories. materials of eyelash extensions, nails and cosmetic tattoo spray. In addition, the system automatically calculates shipping costs, import taxes to help users understand the package cost to receive products in Vietnam. Buyers are also able to reduce the risk of buying online with a connected product review platform; track the reputation of the seller; ensuring quality and origin of goods.
In addition, our platform also provides many solutions for resellers or retail centers, authorizing support and selling directly on the website system. Support Vietnamese businesses to export online to the world. Hani Beauty continuously trains knowledge and skills on digital booth operation, international business, and supports online marketing, legal, and logistics services for businesses … to help them build brands, improve their productivity. competition online to promote products in more than 190 countries worldwide.

We supervise the design of the beauty industry

To take a leap we take on big challenges.
“What is focused on, the more it expands”

The benefits Hani Beauty offers to consumers

In the international area, customers who buy goods on Amazon or Ebay … will encounter very difficult and inconvenient buying and shipping procedures. Moreover, customers will be subject to many taxes from E-commerce exchanges and from sellers, the product price will of course be higher when buying directly from agents. If you ask someone you know to carry, it is not always possible, but if you buy it directly, a visa card is required, along with the risk of connecting to international card payments. You can meet the product like that but the seller refuses to ship the goods to Vietnam, not to mention the language, complicated tax procedures, long shipping time …
With the appearance of Hani Beauty – Big Beauty e-Commerce, all obstacles do not become a problem and customers will optimize cost and time the most.



With the goal of becoming a distributor of high quality beauty and beauty products in the domestic and international markets. Hani Beauty is always looking for long-term partners for this distribution and we are committed to bringing true values ​​to our customers by providing quality products and services at competitive prices. absolute.


We contribute to optimize the competitive advantage for all partners through consumer value. The products / services we provide are always cost-effective, quality is guaranteed. Accordingly, partners easily grasp new development opportunities and achieve success. With the trust of the brand and reputable supplier; a team of experienced personnel and advanced information technology systems ensure Eropi will become the leading professional organization in the e-commerce field.