Hanging indent

Hanging indent,

Definition of Hanging indent:

  1. A style of paragraph composition in which the first line of text is attached to the left and all other lines are spaced evenly (moved to the right). Rarely used to display a list of statistics. It is also known as endking.

  2. Retreat along all lines except the first line.

How to use Hanging indent in a sentence?

  1. The New York-based publisher stopped using paragraph-style writing a few years ago, but insisted when the old author backed it up with a new manuscript ready for publication.
  2. Sometimes, the use of French curves in notes can make them more professional and better convey their point of view.
  3. Finding a specific reference in the appropriate paragraph list is easier than finding a specific paragraph list.
  4. My friend is very good at languages ​​and English and she also uses scripts on her paper, which is incredible.

Meaning of Hanging indent & Hanging indent Definition